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Hi, Not sure if anyone is in or around Ballarat Victoria but there is an awesome Doula who works in that area. I thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone is interested Ballarat Doula - Sandy Tai Www.ballaratbirthsupport.com www.facebook.com/ballaratbirthsupport
I had a bit of an explore yesterday and wowza it feels different down there. Kinda freaked me out.. Not sure how I "work" anymore. Is that silly? :/ Am afraid of it hurting too...
BUMP- PP sex anyone??? Am 3 weeks pp and the idea has been on my mind for a while lol. But with a 2nd/3rd degree tear I will wait a while. Still the urge is surprisingly there! Never felt like this before! Anyone else?
Hi mummas! Kel- so excited for you! So happy you got your HB and your sweet girl!!!!! congrats again! Are you relieved she is here? Xxx Chica- don't you love attachment parenting?!?!? How would people do things without babywearing, co sleeping and breastfeeding?? Makes life enjoyable and delicious and soooo much easier!! How is little Charlie? What's an oyster roast :/ lol not heard of it before! Sweetest day- I LOVE the idea of calling a girl Eve if she was born on NYE ...
Mumma thank you so so much for sharing. Your honesty is beautiful! It has inspired me to write up mine/Aelwynns birth story. What a beautiful girl, mumma and story xxx
Naomi- I had weeks and weeks of prodromal labour. Finally MW figured out that bub was in a funny position and we did some spinning babies work and she showed her sweet face the next day. Maybe have a look on the website?
Hi mummas! One handed typing here! At 2:30 am to boot lol! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! To all celebrating!! It's officially Christmas Day here in Oz Winnie is 20 days old and still a very calm bub, which is nice lol! We are getting to know each other and settling in as a family. Only 3 days after her birth I ended up in hospital with gall bladder pain. They gave me abx via drip for two days and wasn't allowed to eat. Then discharged me. Well it came back. Long...
So! I was right! We have our girl! Born on the 5th, was due 21st so fairly "early"7 pounds 10 so got that right tooAnd was way off on length of labour! Overall went for over 48 hours, 17 hours intense super active labour tho. Woah.OH AND she did come out with a hand on her head! Since the beginning of preg I dreamt she would!
Lol it's broken huh?? We were still "active" lol two days before birth... That was mainly me begging for it tho lol! And now 16 days postpartum and feeling like if things were heald down below I'd give it a go! I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL! Oxytocin anyone?!?!?
Hey there mumma Your up for spotlight!!
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