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Last summer I bought a Mooncup, but only used it for one cycle before I got pregnant. I had never had a baby and was 29 at that point so I bought the smaller size. Well, obviously, since then I have turned 30 and had a vaginal birth, the two criteria for going up a size. I really hate to have to buy another since I only used this one once. Does anyone have experience with this? Have you kept using the smaller size after giving birth/turning 30? I'm only 8 weeks...
  Wow, what an array of expressions in Soren already! And how old is Shay now?
Looking good! Shasta, your Isaac looks a lot like ours in that first pic.     About 2 weeks old.       3 weeks     Fresh out of the womb!  
Rozzie, I have the Beco Butterfly 2 and Isaac seems to like it. He fusses sometimes when I buckle him in, but he seems to object to all processes of being buckled into things. Once I'm up and puttering around the house, he goes to sleep. Haven't used it out much, since (at 3 weeks pp) haven't felt up to a lot of walking around yet. We have an Ergo as well but didn't bother to get the infant insert, and he is still in the neighborhood of 8 lbs so we haven't tried it...
Wow...amazing!! She is beautiful and you did some incredible things getting her here safely.
    This made me smile. Thank you. 
I am getting that feeling too, even though I know it's not rational. I'm also feeling silly for being kind of down on Mother's Day today. I think going through this (especially with these kinds of deadlines) can make us feel very powerless. Here's hoping everything clicks before our various clocks run out.   And congrats to polish and sosu! Can't wait to hear the birth stories. Your good fortune gives me hope.
I've been lurking on this thread for awhile, in denial. I'm only 40+3 so I feel bad about feeling bad, ya know? My midwife did a (rather unexpected) "stretch and sweep" of my 1cm dilated, not very effaced cervix on Tuesday.  Then she said "I saw some bloody show, so you will probably see that today." Which I did, but seems silly to count it as "bloody show" when it results from someone poking around your cervix! Started doing EPO capsules to the cervix that night as...
This is an interesting thread -- another of those things I never knew about!   Do you ladies think a Bella Band/Be Band would work, or is that too flimsy? I have a few sizes from ones I bought myself and hand-me-downs from friends. I know it wouldn't be adjustable or anything, but it seems like it would be a good length and would stay put.
Congrats! So glad you had such a respectful and supportive team helping you with your choice. The picture of you two together is beautiful.
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