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KM, what a comparison!   Mine is on Friday and I am going bananas waiting!! Do they give you a CD or thumb drive or something with these electronic copies, or are you all just scanning them?
Onemore, I won't claim to understand what you've gone through, but I can empathize with feeling torn about how to handle the birth. Hopefully you will find the method that puts your mind at ease and allows you to enjoy it without being judged. We're here for you.      Corgi - welcome mama! so glad to see you here.   And big thanks to all of you talking about the aversions to eating at home. I was having some major guilt about feeling that way. We have a really...
Janellody: Wow, is that every preggo's dream? To have your baby waving at you in your first ultrasound? Lucky you!   Meredith: Congrats to you on your little sticky bean! Do you find yourself less anxious?
Thanks for the reassurance. I spoke to the nurse at my OB/midwife group and she said the same type of thing. It's an unsettling feeling but I guess as time goes on and no ill comes of it, I relax slightly. Slightly. 
Oops, just saw this thread and I started one almost exactly like it. It's reassuring to hear all your stories, though I'd rather we were all much more comfortable!
I'd love to join you ladies!     Name: Jamie Due Date: 5/8/12 How long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive: I expected a long return to fertility after 11 years on hormonal BC, but I got my BFP the second month trying! Thank you, grapefruit juice. What "number" child this will be: #1, we're planning this to be the first and last. I know that's weird on MDC, but we're just small-family people! And anything else you would like to...
I really haven't had any issues with cramping until the last two days. I am 7 weeks today and noticed them for a while this afternoon, then on and off. The pain is mild and I've had no spotting. Everything I read says it's normal, that my uterus is growing and changing and it's natural to have some discomfort. I am trying to relax but it's hard. I hear a lot about people cramping in the week or two after they find out, but seven weeks seems a bad time. Has anyone BTDT?
 Don't feel bad about feeling sad! That just makes it all worse. Like others have said, it's not selfish to feel like you might miss out on things you wanted. We are here to support you, no matter your choice. I hope peace finds you either way.
Lurking!   Looks like lots of happy O vibes the last couple of weeks! Congrats to casmer!    I will continue chart stalking and sending baby dust if you send me some sticky dust! Can I move to August BFPs?  
Wow, I am surprised and saddened to hear what so many of you are going through with your parents. Though, as others have said, it's comforting to know I'm not alone. I just feel very naive because my parents' reactions were the opposite of what I expected. My mom has wondered and speculated and subtly pressured me about having a baby for a while now. When I called her, she sounded like she did when she was bailing me out of financial disasters when I was in college. Not...
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