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I understand your heartbreak and am sorry for your loss. Remember that these are your children and you deserve all the respect and time given to any other mother to grieve and heal. Take all help offered and make yourself take care of yourself physically, or get someone else to be in charge of taking care of you for a bit. I have some good links for natural treatment for depression if you'd like. I found after my losses I needed all the help I could get.
Shortness of breath and dizziness are totally normal for pregnancy. Get up slowly, move slowly when needed, make sure you eat all day long.
Advice? Find a midwife who supports vaginal birth of twins, do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy with as much natural preventive care as possible, get some good compression stockings and a support belt, and contact your local LLL leader now to start preparing to breastfeed twins. Once tthey're earth side twins can actually be much easier in ways... I would have loved to have twins.
We are moving the 4yo from Radian to frontier, passing the Radian to the baby. Never used a bucket seat with my son, and have positioned the radian for newborn with all the padding, looks great. Would rather spend on a frontier to keep him harnessed for another four years, than spend on a bucket or another radian, this way we only need to buy two seats for the two kids, total as the frontier can be passed down too. Possibly even make it through three kids.
Yep, hiring a great local birth photographer who also had two at home. It is an amazing experience and perhaps one of the greatest days of a mother's life, so I wanted photos to capture it. The spouse is there for support but really, its not about the man, its about the mother.
Homemade electrolyte drinks... coconut water, fruit, herbs if you like, muddle in a pitcher or jar. Lots of recipes online. That and iced nettle tea, and possibly a bit of wine.
Bcbs federal high will cover a cnm out of network at 60%. We are switching to low before the baby which has no out of network coverage, and there is a possibility I might get an exception made for full coverage as there are no cnms in network closer than my midwife. I found it wasn't about the homebirth, but about in or out of network providers. I am not sure if bcbs covers cpms. We are paying out of pocket and then filing after birth.
I found loners annoying. That said, you can make liners from anything, old t-shirts if you want to. Cheap thin fleece blankets from the dollar store. Meconium is gone in a few days at most and guess what, it washes out too. We found disposables to be more of a hassle... taking out a bag to the dumpster at our apartments in November was not fun, plus my husband ran out and had to go buy more, all while I was snugly using pre folds. also, for bags, I've always used large...
The mattress part is easy. Foambymail.com. choose what type of material, I like natural latex for babies. We built all our mattresses this way, using standard sizing, but they can cut to any size and shape.
You've described my son at that age. You might grab a copy of adventures in tandem nursing. I feel that tandem nursing is actually a great way for those strong willed children to bond with the baby and retain their bond with mama with a new human around.
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