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I absolutely love these training pants. They have snaps, pull easily on and off, and catch a fair amount of oops! www.wonderbabydesigns.com This wahm makes them either waterproof or non.
I just started brewing my kombucha, but I noticed that my mushroom sank to the bottom and there seems to be a really really thin mushroom growing on top. Is this normal?
Hi everyone. I am looking for water kefir grains??? Anyone ready to share? Stacy
Well, for me, nursing to two years is my goal. But in reality, I am so ready at times for this nursing relationship to be over and if it does end before that time, well I will still be giving myself a pat on the back. My daughter is 20 months and I am also starting to set rules. Right now we are working on night weaning. I really applaud those ladies that can go past two years and child-led wean, but it just isn't for me at this point. That said what I have been...
Hey, hoping someone can help me out with some water kefir grains. Mine didn't survive a very stressful move cross-country. I'd love to get some from anyone who got them from xenabyte in the first place (as those are what I had and they were awesome.) Thanks, Stacy.
Wow. I am so excited. Our own forum!!! Now I don't have to search thru the posts to see what will be good to read. Although now I have to read everything I'm Stacy (28) and started NT when I found out I was pregnant with my little surprise, my 19 mo dd, Darian. I grew up on a farm in Michigan, but there was lots of processed junk, lots and lots of sodas, and tons of candy. I am a sugar addict, which I still struggle with even now that I know that crap is poison,...
It took dd a while to drink her broth, but now she drinks it all and leaves the soup! I just made soup everyday for lunch and eventually she started to drink it all. Sometimes I give her straws and she drinks it up, or I drink mine from the bowl and she mimics. Both her and I really love the coconut soups, makes the broth taste so yummy. I gave her a little in a cup the other day with just broth and coconut milk and she drank it right up. And lately I have been...
Could you please post the recipe!! I haven't gotten that book yet, but the root beer sounds yummy! Thanks.
Ok so I don't get how you can eat bacon once a week. Won't that me consuming sugar? How is that being fanatical? That just doesn't make since to me.
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