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Quote: Anyone know how much cream it takes to make butter? I think it is something like one quart of heavy cream makes half pound of butter.
well not going too good here. Dd is getting her eye teeth in. Do it is hard to tell what is affecting her. I had peanut butter the yesterday and had horrible gas all day and still some today. DD is getting carrots and other food showing up in her stool again. I didn't fully digest the spinach from earlier in the week. So now I am at a lose I can't keep doing chicken and chicken soup. We are both so sick of it and craving somthing more.
My beet kvass turns out great everytime. I use coarse salt though.
Lots seem to reccomend natural Calm magnesium. Just ordered it yeseterday so will let you know. Mommyof PunkiePie: Glad to see you joined us (I am also from ec yahoo list and I think reccommended you here) Do you have any digestive issues? Any yeast or bacterial issues? I didnt' think I had any problems until I started to realize that my "mainstream america promblems" were probably yeast related. I have psoriasis or whatever on my scalp( basically very...
Man it's so funny how we all react so different. Avacoado has given me the most horrible stomach ache the last two days (I had to do it again to double check!). Had bananas and dont' seem to bother me. Green beans (whole, and steamed to mediuim) don't seem to bother me at all. I still hagve been peeling my zuchhini and slicing carrots really thin. Had spinach the other night for the second time and didn't digest it fully. So dissapointed that greens do that as I am...
Oh Chasym, I feel for ya. I've never had the fire mind you, but just the other day I did the same thing.
I've made the banana bread a few times with mixed results. Last time I made it with half yogurt and half milk and whey and it turned out great. I've never had it done that quick though.
So my dd is getting her eye teeth in and boy has the last 2 weeks been crazy. She never gets diarrhea or the green poops from teething, which everyone says they get. She's been so cranky and nursing non-stop (which at first I thought was because I started the intro again, but then realized her teeth). Well today I noticed her tonsils are huge. Can teething do this? Is there anything I can give her? Anybody with any wisdom?
Shanna, glad to hear you are doing good. Keep it up! i think this time I am going to move faster to all fruits and veggies (all cooked). I t hink that will make this diet so much easier. I can eat veggies like crazy and I am so sick of just green beand and zucchine and chicken soup. I can't wait until the raw stuff too. Then the diet will be a breeze, especially during summer. All I can think about is a nice crisp salad!!!
1.pasturization kills the enzymes 2. pasturization kills good bacteria and makes it a perfect clean slate for bad bacteria to set up house and go crazy (ever drunk bad store milk?) 3. pasturization denatures and alters the proteins making them indigestible which leads to dairy allergies, sensitivities, and problems with digesting it. That's all I can think of. I am sure someone else will hop on and tell ya if I got something wrong!
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