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Thanks for the answers! Hmmm, now I've done a test batch or two with honey on my grains. The still seem to be fermenting fine, but I worry that i have now ruined their flora or something. Have you started a list for your water grains yet? It would be interesting to get some new ones and do a test or two? I also do not like the cream soda recipe. I've done one with apricots and blood orange slices that was pretty good. Kept the rinds on though, will have to try...
I am currently trying to do the SCD so won't be able to do the brewer's yeast or the rice flour in the ones you linked. Thanks though. Off to search then.....
Does anyone have any recs for B-vitamin supplements. I am dealing with yeast issues and crazy moods and lots of years on birth control. Any good brands you know of or what kind to get specifically?
man, I won't even begin to tell you all what I ate this weekend. Went out of town and just caved in horrible. So will probably do the intro for 2 more days this week. Really one of these times I will be able to say NOOOOO
Hmm. They are out but I can get it at vitacost.com. But they don't have the slelnium. So what about this selenium? http://www.vitacost.com/NSISelenium/cas-1
So I want to order my supplements today. I can't remember if anyone recommended a good brand of selenium or not? What kind do you all take? Also what do you take for your B vitamins? Ok and one more Question!! JaneS DId you ever find a good natural C that was SCD legal? I want to order the natural Calm mag, some selenium, B vitamins, and some natural C. Am I forgetting anything? Thanks
AmyD I really suggest you try making the banana carrot cake (Linda's or something on one of the SCD sites) and then make a frosting with the coconut cream. I warmed it up in the toaster oven., Then whipped it with some butter, honey, and vanilla. Then spread it on the cake. It is really thick and not smooth and creamy like frosting but tastes oh so good. It will harden up a little, but not like it is in the jar. Then I sprinkle the apricots and almonds on that. ...
ya know I was wondering if it was becuase I was drinking more water with the enzymes or what but I am peeing like crazy too. So is dd who I ec and since starting the diet I can't seem to catch any pees in the potty.
Well I am only on Day 3. DD actually ate more than 2 bites of her yogurt today but maybe because I broke down and added a little honey. Her poo yesterday was still pretty bad, but I think she is still cleaning out a lot of junk. Still feeling lots of die-off today. Headache is back. I added coconut oil in today. Don't remember if on the SCD you have to wait or not for that. I re-read my Eat Fat Lost Fat book and decided to add some of their daily supplements in...
Maybe the cranberry is for bacteria?
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