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I'm going to give it a go too! We moved in to our house 3 weeks before I was in the hospital in pre-term labor and we hadn't come close to un-packing. Fast forward to now: the boys are 6 months old and I still have boxes of stuff that we haven't unpacked from the move! I'm kind of tempted to just get rid of the boxes without even opening them, but DH would freak, so my goal is to get all of the boxes unpacked with the thought, "I haven't needed it in over 6 months, do I...
I don't have any great ideas for you, but you may want to think twice about checking a car seat. My sister sent me this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzmJr1a-BHU&feature=youtu.be She replaced her DS seat after seeing this (it had been on two trips, so 4 flights). Good Luck!
    We had an Arms Reach co-sleeper next to our bed for a little while, but I didn't really like it. I found it hurt my back to be lifting them up and over the edge between the co-sleeper and our bed. Then for a little while we used one Snuggle Nest and one co-sleeper, but we found the Snuggle-nest baby slept much better than the co-sleeper baby and I didn't like having my back to one baby. We then got another Snuggle Nest and placed them end to end in the middle of...
I use a container like this http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Clip-Soft-Fern-Latches/dp/B004QJM0DG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1325199566&sr=8-3. I wash every 2-3 days and then wipe the container out when I do wash. We don't have any problems with smell, and it just sits next to our changing table. You can get one for $5-15 from Target (or any department store). Good Luck!  
I worked until the day I went into PTL at 28 weeks. Boys were born at 34 weeks.
I can't really answer 1,2 and 4 as I didn't have GBS and I had lots of problems with pre-term labor and already had IV's so I can't really help with 1 and 2. However, my boys were preemies and we refused the eye ointment and hep B vaccine. We chose to do the vit K as some preemies have a higher risk of intra-cranial bleed, but if we had wanted to refuse we could have. I think it was helpful to have all of this written in a birth plan so that it was very clear to the...
I babywear because I have twins and I'd never get anything done if I didn't wear at least one (but often both) of my boys!
Thanks for all the support everyone; It really does help!
Thanks for the hugs and advice. It helps just to get it out a little. I do use the EZ2Nurse pillow and it's amazing when they both eat at the same time. When I try to feed both when only one seems hungry I just end up feeding the "not as hungry" boy shortly after because he doesn't eat well if he's not hungry. They are starting to space out feedings to every 2-3 hours from every 1-2 hours so that's getting easier, and hopefully as they learn to eat better they can make...
Oh, and we moved into our house less than a month before I was admitted to the hospital in pre-term labor and I don't have a ton of boxes unpacked yet. And my MIL keeps bringing more and more crap over to our house. I don't even have boxes unpacked and she is bringing more boxes! Both my mom and my MIL are the "I know you don't want X, but..." kind of people and it's driving me crazy.   Thanks again for listening to my rant.
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