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I am having a water birth in a hospital, which is pretty unheard of in this area. I would really like a home birth but Illinois is so freaking difficult in that area :(
Any of them out there? Let me know!
I mostly worry because we live in Illinois now and it seems like they are just CPS happy around here. There is no real reason for CPS to be called. Our baby is healthy and our house is clean. Sometimes I don't get to the dinner dishes until the next day and my laundry piles up until the weekend, but I am pretty sure that happens in everyone's house at some point or another. I think I am just super paranoid and his pediatrician is very negative about the vaccines. I would...
I guess maybe I am the odd one out, but I don't see anything wrong with her pooping schedule as long as she has plenty of wet diapers. My son was the same way. He just weighed in at 20 pounds at 6 months, so I think he is fine. Some breast fed babies just do not poop a lot. Breast milk is tailored to fit your baby's needs, so they absorb almost all of it. As long as she has plenty of wet diapers and doesn't seem uncomfortable or like her stomach is distended, I would not...
My husband wouldn't wear one until he realized he could play video games while the baby slept in it. Then he was all for it. He usually uses the Ergo because he finds it faster and easier to use. He adjusts it before he leaves the house so he can just put the baby straight into it.
I use the Flip disposable inserts when we can't use cloth. I use them in whatever cover I have. They are the same size as a tri-folded prefold so they fit fine.
Not in fear of him getting sick, although I do worry every time I am confronted about it what I would do if he did get sick. I am scared of his doctors, and mostly CPS. Seriously, EVERY time I have to take him to the doctor for a checkup all I can think of for the next two weeks is that CPS is going to knock on my door. I don't know what to do about it and I am pretty sure this is going to give me grey hairs.
I don't even work and I want some of these wipes :lol
Medela makes special wipes for pumping on the go. They sanitize so you can just wipe them down and use them again.   http://www.amazon.com/Medela-Quick-Clean-Breast-Accessories/dp/B000CCXLNE
That is exactly what I do. I would say it is just a fluke. 
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