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Anyone have any good daycare recommendations in Southern WI?
I used to work at Mercy in labor and delivery and I agree with PP.  Dr. Zhao is a nice man, but he is an OB and comes with all the general practice ideas as an OB.  Mercy is not progressive.  My number 1 advice I would give your neice if she cannot change providers is get a really experienced doula.
Sweet~  I didn't think your post was random, I followed I think .  Yes, I have some bible literalistis (Jehovah's Witness to be exact) in my family.  Yes, and being a teacher and beginner at the same time is often unsettling.  But I just try to stay true to teaching what I do know and not going beyond that.  It inspires me to keep learning I guess.  But, there are also times when I feel like pulling out of teaching until I've studied 20 more years or something!  I mean,...
Oh, and, I forgot to say-- if your feeling pressure and maybe feel like a UTI coming on I would get that checked out by getting a UA done.
Mamachick~  I've been working with pregnant women and birth for the last 10 years and I have to tell you that generally the term "imcompetent cervix" doesn't have much meaning.  In fact, it's a name a despise because it causes women to really distrust their bodies and the term is thrown around way to loosely.  For example, women will get that diagnosis with one child, get put on bed rest and go past term and not have the diagnosis with the next child.  A true incompetent...
Tarabelle~  I'm just like you!  I'm relatively slim and tall and I carry all my extra weight around my belly .  Can't really see the baby (I can a little when I'm naked, but no one else would notice).  But my uterus has definitely pushed all my extra weight up!  So, I'm really excited to actually show too!
I think I may wander into this group as well .  I've always been a seeker of some kind and I've dabbled in many different traditions.  Nothing fits exactly for me, but I am also longing for study and community.  I've even searched online to just find a webside with daily spiritual something????  I don't know.  Let's see...  I have some real literalists in my family on my mothers side that are usually trying to convert me and I despise their practices, but I also feel...
Gotrenzi~ I can't say that I've experienced it myself, but I know it's exteremly common.  In my work I have seen women having issues with food and even having issues with their children's eating.  With eating disorders being so common, I'm sure there are many struggling along with you.  Maybe you could find a support group?  Either in person or online?  I think it's great your seeing a counselor and hopefully that will help you get through things as they come up.
I also had a vanishing twin .  I haven't had any bleeding and I also haven't felt the baby move much I don't think.  But, it's my first and I'm just 15 weeks.
I would keep a food diary for a few days without changing anything.  Total up the calories and make sure your at least hitting 2500 cals a day-- that can be harder to do than you think.  And, then you can adjust your diet accordingly.
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