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Nat~  That's what freaks me out!  I always jump right to the worst case scenario.  I'm trying to just relax and enjoy, it was just such a change.  I'm glad others are feeling rushes of fluid because that's what scared me, but it must be normal?
14 weeks tomorrow and still only a tiny, little bump (wouldn't be able to see it if I posted a picture)   Rosie-- You have such a cute little belly!   Joanna~  That is awesome!  Congrats!
Thanks for the input!  I just always tend to jump to the worst possiblities-- I thought maybe there was something wrong.  Glad to hear it's normal
Okay, I know this may be TMI, but I need some wisdom from experienced mamas.  I have definitely noticed more discharge since before I even knew that I was pregnant.  And, I know that's normal.  But, suddenly at 13 wks 5 days mine has changed-- it's really watery.  Thin, milky, odorless and there is a lot more of it.  It's like I feel it throughout the day.  Is this normal?  It's freaking me out!
I second the thrift store-- I have found almost all my maternity clothes at goodwill!  Excellent deals, all super cute and in good shape   I'm excited to feel the baby-- I seem to feel every single little thing that happens in my body (pregnant or not), so I'm hoping I'll feel it soon.  I have had lots of twinges, cramps, etc so I'm going to start paying attention.  My hubby told me yesterday that I'm starting to look like a pregnant lady-- like I'm about to start...
Hello All!  Would love to join in the the chat-- finally feeling quite a bit better (knock on wood )-- I'm 13 and 4 days.  Really excited to hit the 14 week mark soon!  I can feel a little bump about that reaches about 1/2 way to my belly button.  I check it a lot during the day .  It's starting to sink in a little bit more...   Chiromama~  I've been dealing with bad cramping since the beginning.  I'm taking a liquid cal/mag supplement suggested by a couple of...
We are going to wait for the surprise!  A couple of reasons-- I don't care at all about color of clothes, etc, in fact I would rather not have pink stuff .  The other is that I have attended birth for the last 10 years and my favorite thing is when they don't know!  Which rarely is the case-- the moment after the birth when the parents are waiting in anticipation to find out is just priceless!
I'm going to venture to say yes to both your questions.  In my experience working with moms for the last ten years is that first babies tend to go over due the most and second babies come easier.  Of course, this isn't how it goes every time, but it seems to be the pattern for most moms that I see.  Your body does seem to remember how labor and birth go and the cervix is much easier to soften and open even if inducing becomes necessary.   I hope that helps!
Viv~  That's a great suggestion!  I did just have a bunch of bloodwork done at my last appointment and it was all normal (and I'm pretty sure it included white blood cells, etc where they could see an infection).  I also have had my urine checked.  But, I think at my next appt if I still have this I will ask them to work me up again :-)
Thanks ASusan!  I do already take a Cal/Mag supplement and I guess I could try it in liquid form to see if I absorb it better.  I will try the epsom baths too.   Does anyone else have any other words of advice?  I'm pretty much willing to give anything a try :-)
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