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What are some of the tips you ladies have heard for making lots of healthy sperm?  I just thought it couldn't hurt you know?  I have heard something about Vitamin E-- is there anything else?  And, lifestyle changes for men that you've heard of?
Thanks Val!  That helps, I hate having to over-analyze everything.  But, that's totally the kind of girl I am!  
This is only my second month of temping (kind of wish I would have started right away!), so I don't know how long it normally is.  Last month it was 12 days.  My temp didn't go up extra today-- its 98.3.  I just keep thinking that I'll feel different if I'm pregnant, but maybe I won't.  I just dread getting my AF and cramps!  In fact, I had a dream last night that my AF started a little.  Is 12 days okay?  Does the chart always start to look triphasic at some point if...
Lilac~ That is so funny!  And, super cute   Okay, I'm trying to think positively, but it's so hard sometimes!!!!  I am CD 25 and 7 days DPO and I'm having some cramping and it just makes me sad that AF could be coming!!!  I'm trying not to stress about it, but it's hard and it makes me sad.  Anyway, that's all I guess.  Just need to vent a little.  Here is my chart if anyone wants to peek at it:   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/361ae8 
Has anyone ever heard anything about abstaining from BD when around implantation/when your AF would be coming due?  My mom mentioned to me the other day that years ago when her and her friends were working on baby making that was a common suggestion...  Could be a old wives tale, but just thought I'd see if anyone else heard of this?
I've never heard anything bad about drinking decaf-- have you gals?
I do the decaf thing too!  I buy some yummy, darker decaf roast (try to stick to organic when I can).  And, Reno, I totally agree with the ritual aspect of it-- it's like a need the coffee to start my day especially right when I get to work 
Thanks Isis!  That is all really good information-- maybe I'll get some of those Rainbow Lights-- they do seem pretty popular.  The morning coffee thing is killer!  I just switched to decaf because I can't seem to live without it .  Sounds like we've made similar lifestyle changes, I totally agree about it feeling not fun and kind of oppressive and I've only been TTC for 4 months!  It's just weird the mind tricks you have to play with yourself...  like I could be...
Thanks Jaimee!  It's good to know that it looks "normal"!  I'll keep ya posted-- I'm really keeping my fingers crossed and
Thought I would update this-- I did O when I thought I was about to-- it was just a little slower rise than last month I guess:   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/361ae8 
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