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Wow Rasa-- that's interesting.  This is my first baby and I'm learning a lot.  My baby sounds like she may be getting into a pattern like your kiddos.  I'm glad to read your post because it was starting to make me nervous.  She doesn't pee or poo much at night at all.  Or in the early morning and then she tends to do 3-5 blow outs late in the day.  But, there were some days where she didn't go much and grew.  The other day she pooed so many times in one day that it...
Thanks Dealic, that is so good to hear.  I have heard from some people that babies get used to the shield and will then refuse to nurse without it.  I'm really hoping that as she gets older and stronger that it will click for her.  I'm nervous that it's because of my nipples-- they are kind of flat and when the do get pulled out (like with pumping or in the shield), they are not very long.  I think that's why it's hard for her-- she doesn't get the stimulation of my...
Dealic~  I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!  That really gives me hope :-)  Thanks for all the tips.  I keep tryinig every day-- no luck so far.  I'm glad to hear your LO is 6 weeks.  My baby is 4 weeks tomorrow-- maybe as she gets a little bigger it will get easier. 
Good work Dealic!!!  I'm so impressed!  I thought we were doing good wit 6 oz, but 10 is awesome.  I try to take the shield off once a day as well, but we don't get very far.  She still won't even latch-- she kind of acts like she can't find my nipple.  Send any tips you have my way!
Thanks Rosie!  That is what I end up doing and by the end of the marathon session I am so tender that I can't wait for her to nap.  I do see more of a pattern starting now though.  Good for you for sticking in there too!
Flavor- Yeah, I think my LO is like your DS except witjout the tongue tie.  I get a couple short breaks at night, but not many. It just feels overwhelming now because i can't see an end to it!  Which I now is crazy- I'm sure she will grow out of this at some point and at least have some gaps between feedings   She also does the frantic cluster feeds all evening- makes my ta-tas ache by the time she takes a break!  I can't wait to see how it is without the shield! It will...
Keep me posted Dealic!  Things are going okay here I guess--  everyday I try at least once to ditch the shield and she won't have it yet.  It's like she can't find my nipple or it doesn't register as a nipple (I have kind of short nipples).  Her wieght was okay this week-- she gained 6 oz.  How are things going for you?  I gt pretty overwhelmed with the constant nursing my LO is doing
I need to jump in here and hopefully gain some motivation from you gals!  I tried on my "fat clothes" and they didn't even come close to fitting!  That kind of shocked me and I thought that I need to get a plan or some kind of goals or something!   Pre-pregnancy: 150 Highest pregnancy: 186 Weight Sunday:  168   I have 18 pounds to lose, which sounds really hard to me.  And, my belly still looks about five months pregnant and I had my baby 3 weeks ago.  My...
She has been eating lik this since she started with the nipple shield 2 weeks ago. Before that she was only finger feeding.  I'm hoping we can be done with the shield ASAP.  I just wondered how much of this was early newbor nursing versus the shield?  She is gaining weight ok- gained 6 oz this week.  (sorry, NAK and only 1 hand to type)
Happy Mothers Day!  My hubby totally failed today-- not even a card!   He usually does so good! :-(   Ayway, does anyone else have a LO that nurses all day?  I mean I can't do anything besides nurse literally. i don;t know how much is normal for an almost 3 week old or if its cause of this nipple shield?
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