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We ended up going through two 1-month courses of steroid cream (Betamethazone, i think) that we just dabbed around the hole and constricted area twice a day. Non-painful, non-invasive, and a vast improvement! It loosened the area that was constricting the urine back, and also opened up the foreskin hole a bit. This was recommended by the head of the pediatric urology department at Michigan State University.
There was no squeezing involved, only shifting the opening one way or the other until I found it created a stream. It was not directly aligned with the opening of the penis, but was definitely more closely aligned then it had been. I've only done this once, in an effort to figure out what was going on. I'm not quite sure I've been clear as to the extent of the ballooning, or maybe it doesn't matter... the urine builds up to the point that the foreskin swells to the size...
Hi everyone! I ran across this community while searching for the answer to the question similar to the one AJandElijahsmommy posted. Lots of good info here!   My son is 14 mo and had a urinary tract infection a few months ago. That's when he started ballooning but I figured it was related to the UTI - my first intact son did not balloon so it was new to me. However, once the UTI cleared up, I did not worry about it much. It has become rather inconvenient though as...
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