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DH really does not want to find out. DD1 was a surprise. I could have been convinced to find out this time just to make getting ready simpler in terms of clothes and whatnot. But he really does not want to know and I don't think I could know and not blow it and tell him or let it slip.
10 weeks and feeling some of the exhaustion lift :)
 She had a partial molar pregnancy, so there can in fact be an embryo which develops.
I love Softbums. So far, the velcro is hanging on pretty well. I also really like Kawaiis with the bamboo inserts, for when babe is bigger. The bamboo inserts are so soft and super absorbent. I detest microfiber. It was the source of the stink problems for us. Just could never get it clean. Once I switched to all bamboo inserts, I never had a problem again.
I'm concerned that my supply seems to be decreasing already.  My daughter is not a constant nurser but is very devoted to several times a day.  I guess I have to let be what will be. I would like to tandem but not sure it we'll get there....
Welcome! What a wonderful story :)
Yes, I'm in Canada too and the NT u/s is a choice. We will have to pay for it. Otherwise it's only the 20 week if all is well.
Doing 12 week NT u/s and 20 week u/s. That's it unless something happens.
Yes, I had the same and it is wonderful!
I am taking Pregvit Folic 5 (prescription) because my DH's mom and Grandpa have spina bifida occulta.
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