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Fungi would be great for cleansing your garden.  I don't know if you've read Stamet's comments about myco treating some of the falling isotopes or not.  Lots of place/organizations are using his ideas to treat stormwater runoff here in the PNW.  There are still some bugs to work out as they are very new practices, but innovative & interesting!   
I also love fir and pine cones in their natural state. We are working on some garland for our tree this year incorporating cones and shells we find at the beach and some scrap fabric.
We are doing well...Saryn went from 6# 8 at birth to 6# 3 at three days. One week later she was 7# 8 and now over 8#s at two weeks! I have started introducing cloth dipes to her, but she really seems uncomfortable in them. I am using prefolds & flats with prowrap covers, and whenever she has them on she is super fussy, like from the instant I fasten them on. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I really want to use cloth, but not if she is miserable in them! So glad...
Quote: I miss the days of my pre-garden life when I wouldn't care about approaching near frost temperatures in JUNE. Our average high/low is *supposed* to be 85/55 and I had to wear a jacket today. It would be one thing if this were one strange day in an otherwise normal early summer, but it's been crazy cold and rainy for weeks which is just plain odd. I'm very worried that my first gardening efforts are going to be ruined by this weather...
My daughter said it best. People were constantly asking if she wanted a little brother or a little sister. She would say, "I want a little boy or a little girl!" All bases covered!
Super cute, and love the cheeks! Congratulations! I'm right there with you on the hellish car ride, and you should feel so proud of hanging in there! Nice work!
Congratulations! Hope you and your family are settling in & can't wait to hear your story!
yeah, my little is too small to nurse lying down. Sometmes I use pillows to boost her up, but mostly have been sleeping in our rocker/recliner at night since its easy to go from sit to lie down with minimal disturbance. That has been working really well for us. I've also had major engorgement issues (going on five days now & finally getting better!) so I'm hoping she'll start latching on easier now.
Congrats on your little one!
We're doing well. Saryn is working her baby voodoo on us, she has been such an angel! Engorgement has been brutal...for some reason my body always produces for twenty babies or more. So, pumping a little, trying to nurse a lot, ice packs, etc. This is the third day, and its just now subsiding a little. She only lost a few ounces, and has been nursing like crazy so I think she'll be plumping up soon. Big sister is in heaven too! I keep waiting for the storm to hit,...
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