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Eat organic, that will not be GMO, however, I don't think it will make a difference unfortunately :( Has any of your other foods been reacting differently in your body?
Hi Ladies,     I just want to put my feelers out here on Mothering... To see if any of you feel the same way!   I dream of starting an International Homeschooling Academy where we get lessons online to teach our kids-- and have international group/class outtings to places to learn "In Real Life!"  So imagine, this month we are learning about animals in the Amazon and we, internationally, take a trip to Brazil, with an awesome teacher (and parents depending on...
So I did say hello in the colossal thread, however, it is now colossal and a bit hard to read through ;)   My name is Filiz Dolar and I just moved to Dickinson ND with my 2 year old son and my boyfriend.  We have a daughter due on October 26th!     Loving this area so far, and the fall is just beautiful.  We're into being smart healthy and having fun :) I also love the rec center!   Message me!   Filiz
Hello Ladies!   I recently moved to Dickinson, ND from Phoenix.  I have a 2 YO son and a Daughter on the way, due Oct. 26th :)  I'd love to meet up with some of you ladies in person, don't mind traveling to Bis every now and then! Love the Rec Center and all the playgrounds in Dickinson   Message me!
Just like with anything else, misbehaving like this and acting out is unacceptable and there should be consequences.  He definately shouldn't be allowed to behave like that.  Just remember misbehaving and being rude is the same thing regardless of it's shape or form.  That being said, I'm sure this is a phase and he'll get over it in a week or so.
I also never used a pacifier with my son, and don't plan to on my next baby as well (hes almost 2 1/2 now).  I personally think they are dumb, an artificial nipple?  
Hi Moms!   I am the mother of an amazing 2 year old, and expecting another little one (yay!) and I wanted to share a the Expanding Business Workshop with you.  I know many of you, like myself, would love to have a thriving business making a great income while being able to create your own schedule and spend your valuable time doing what you desire, such as being with your kids.  In this new paradigm we can do this.  If you have always wanted to pursue this passion of...
yeah girl, just relax :)   listen to your instincts, and I was like you when I first became a mom.  Before I was a mom I didnt even want to breast feed but now.. my sons 1 1/2 and still is.  he obviously eats solids too- he started on his own at 4/5 months? He literally grabbed a sandwich out of my hands and bit it! I think it depends on the individual baby but for the coming months, solids will never replace breastfeeding so if you do decide to give solids just go...
Hi Daisy,   I didn't read through all the responses to see if someone suggested it yet, but why not use almond milk.  It tastes amazing, is fortified with nutrients naturally, and you won't have the soy problems.  Thats what I do with my son.   Hope that helps,   Filiz
Hi Texmati,   I hope you are feeling better, I was just wondering if you could give us an update?
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