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Hi Partaria,   I went through something similar and horrible when my DS was born.  Look, its impossibly hard.  Our whole lives are gone.  we are instantly differnt people.  there is no SELF anymore.  then you love your DS/DD but despise all the changes.  Hang in there, it gets much better with time, I promise.  i had never been as depressed as I was when my DS was born.  I wasn't on meds either, but I was... so close to death feeling, if you know what i mean.  it was...
Thats an excellent point i will add that as well.  Interesting isn't it?  The way society sees things..
Thats about exactly how I feel.  Its frustrating or rather, challening trying to provide the best to our kids. I am also willing ot move to another state.   On another note, this "Free" school looks interesting.
Im in Phoenix, and I'm not sure if i make enough $ to provide the education my son needs from a homeschooling perspective. I was homeschooled 9th grade onward btw.    I want to compare what schools people are attending as well as what theyre doing if their kids are homeschooled.  I'd like more inside information if you(your kids) went to a particular school/daycare if you liked it/didnt like it (well if your kids liked it/didnt)   I looked into montissori,...
Yes I think that is the most important part, the ability for them to decide.  It's not fair for us to make a permanent decision like that for them.
I was also pro cric until I researched about the "Health Benefits" and I came to realize something.  An intact penis shares many similarities with a vagina.     Ladies, we get yeast infections, BV, UTIs, etc... does that mean we should chop off our vag??? Of course not!!! But this seems to be the train of thought with the "Problems" with an intact male.     I personally, think it's dumb and backwards!  Of course we wouldnt get BV, yeast infections, or UTIs if we...
I asked a similar question in the education section here on mothering but I was wondering where do you send you children to school here in AZ or Daycare and why?   Looking for more info, my son is 1 yo. :)
Hey AZ moms :)   My names Filiz and I live on the west side of phoenix- Tolleson.   I just wanted to see how many of you out there are in AZ, and esp. in the west side :)
I'm a mom to a beautiful 1 yo.  I was just wondering about alternative education, all types.  I know I do not want to send my son to traditional schooling because I disagree with a lot of it.  SO! I was wondering why and where do you send your DD/DS, and what has NOT worked out for your family!    
Ladies Ladies...   I think men would like their penises bigger regardless of which way it is lol plus it's the fact that his penis could be smaller, if the skin is too tight, they cut wrong, etc.  I don't know if thats a risk worth taking.  Well, I obviously don't think it is.    @Dan - I liked this from the Decision making webpage: "Washing, not amputating, is the answer."     @1love4ever - I'm going to add those links in when I get a chance.  Its so so sad...
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