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    Irene Violet  march 3rd 11:16pm
I had this done at 42 weeks last baby. It wasn't too painful, and baby arrived next day, but I don't know if it was the membrane sweep or if I would have went into labor anyway. If you are really desperate, it's worth a shot.
HumbleLuna, bummer about that OB appointment! There is nothing worse than being overdue and people putting pressure on you to have the baby IMMEDIATELY. Like you wouldn't do that if you could. Your baby will come, patience is worth it.   I am at 41 weeks and 3 days today, and having a few contractions at night but nothing too serious. Trying to enjoy these last few days and doing all the little putter things to get ready for this baby like making huge batches of...
I'm at 40+ 5 today and not surprised at all! My first baby was induced at 41+3 and the first thing the OB said when she caught him was "oh, he could have stayed in a couple more days". Gee, thanks. Second baby born at 42+1 and third baby at 42 weeks exactly. I'm just a slow cooker I guess. I would like to be done but am pretty sure that this baby will probably be a March baby.
my due date is the 21st but all three of my other kids were a full 2 weeks late. I am assuming this baby will be that late as well, and that's a good thing because we have to move in two weeks! "unprepared" does not begin to cover it!
us too! how many dragon couple expecting dragon babies? is that 4 in total?
I have nursed through the last 2 pregnancies and am nursing through this one. I always hit a point where I can't stand it anymore and I have no milk which is usually when the nurser loses interest. If any of the kids forgot the suck reflex, they remembered it pretty darn quickly once my milk came back in .
Hey there, I am pregnant with an IUD surprise baby in February too! There is at least one more mama on this thread in the same boat. I too had gotten rid of all of my maternity clothes and almost all of my baby gear and I'm still wrapping my mind around the fact that I am really pregnant and really going to be the mama of 4 (!) kids.   1% sounds like a really small percentage, but I have met a lot of women now who are in that 1%!
i have an Arms Reach Co Sleeper and have used it with 3 kids. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Oldest kid wouldn't touch it, middle kid slept in it all the time, youngest would occasionally sleep in it.   My husband and I usually refer to it as the 'No Sleeper' if that tells you anything.
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