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and how do you all think i should be counting?
My cycle seems to be really wonky this month and I am having trouble figuring oust how to count it. I started spotting on the day my period was supposed to arrive and continued spotting lightly for 4 days before my period started in earnest. I had a normal period flow. I always feel ovulation. it is usually quite uncomfortable for a whole day. on day 14 from the start of spotting i think i ovulated only this time it was only mildly uncomfortable for a few hours. then...
that is a great book. the patterns turn out so nicely.
Dr Rajeev Agarwal Desert ridge Childrens Center Phoenix He spoke about tongue tie at the last La Leche league conference last August.
Desert Ridge Childrens center Dr. Rajeev Agarwal 480 585 5200 they are pretty ap friendly.
There are numerous active LLL groups in the metro phoenix area. A schedule of meetings can be found at www.lllofaz.org.
I have successfully practiced ecological breastfeeding with my first two dds. My third dd, now 16 weeks old, has begun to suck her thumb. She will nurse for a bit and then unlatch and put her thumb into her mouth and suck until she falls asleep. I am conflicted as to whether to let her suck her thumb or to pull her thumb out of her mouth and to put her back on the breast. I would like to follow her lead but at the same time I would prefer for her to do all of her sucking...
I was pg already...just didnt know it yet...how time flies
just joined...thanks
My dd2 also has/had Labial adhesions( i really have not checked since she stopped needing diapers. Ped said that most likely the issue will resolve itself by the time she is 6 or so. and as long as she is not having infections uti or yeast there would be no reason to treat.
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