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Whole foods has a good selection of wild caught fish, imo. I buy salmon because it's so rich in the good oils. To me, sustainable wild-caught fish is equivalent to organic. It avoids the pitfalls of farmed fish, which includes unnnatural feed and unsanitary tank conditions (which prompts the use of antibiotics).
: From my understanding, milk is over-hyped. For a long time, I just thought milk was necessary for growing kid (because I was brainwashed by commercials?). My family thinks it's necessary too, and gets on me about not giving it to ds. Funny thing is that none of us kids drank milk growing up. We're korean, and if a glass of milk passed our lips in all our growing up years, I can't remember. We thought it tasted weird. In any case, all of us are healthy, and I haven't...
Quote: Originally Posted by richella Am I the only one who thinks there might be differences from person to person in conversion/absorption? We know there are racial differences in enzyme production. I don't know the chemistry and I'm not qualified to make any argument here, but most of the studies I've looked at were pretty small and did not make any attempt at comparing, say, Asian people to Caucasians. That's food for thought. I guess I'd...
My ds had boy-boobs at about a year old. It wasn't much before that that I started using eo's. Wow, I always thought it was all that tofu I was giving him (phyto-estrogens and all). Could it be? I use lavender and tto around him now, but he no longer has boy boobs. I wonder if I should be concerned.
Anglyn, you're probably still reeling from your soy thread. Not only soy and canola, but folks will tell you that cholesterol ain't bad for you! See the main board for a current discussion. I am totally grateful for the info. I find here. I hope you do too after the initial shock.
MomtoI&A. Here's a thought I had while reading your post. Normally gmo free food is good, but if canola is toxic in its natural state. Is gmo "good" in the case of canola? I personally don't eat it either way.
Hopefully, someone has a more scientific answer for you, but I for one don't buy the hype about overdosing on A, esp. beta-carotene. I think that is a concern only for supplements, not food. I remember ds going through various food stages. I would indulge them as much as possible.
Thanks thismama. I didn't realize I should let it sit for that long. Everything I read said 12 hours. But I can definitely do 24 or more hours. I'll try it.
Thanks for all the great info. I don't read as many nutritional books as I'd like, so I gratefully garner what I can here.
I just want to wish you the best in your journey. I think everybody gets there in different ways, so start with whatever you feel comfortable with. It took me a while to work up to, but one of the best things I did was to obtain some water kefir grains from one of the nice people on the sticky. I looove water kefir. I think grass fed animal products are high priority too as they are higher on the food chain than veggies, which may mean more toxicity issues. And the most...
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