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Thank you! I didn't see vaseline anywhere on the list. I wonder whether this makes others think about going back to commercial products. I want to think more about the "ingredients" of my moisturizer.
That's really interesting. But now I'm left questioning my routine. If moisturizers are not useful unless they have cellular protecting and building elements in it, then is my jojoba oil and shea butter doing the trick? Does that mean commercial products are the way to go? Does anyone know if jojoba oil or shea has antioxidants in them?
I want to second Severine's advice. Cholesterol is a vital substance for life. Pharmaceutical companies have decided that cholesterol is the enemy, and wouldn't you know, they have the only cure. Too bad their latest efforts had to be halted because it was literally killing people. To me, it's a tragedy because if The Cholesterol Myth is right, people with the highest cholesterol live the longest. Yet this is exactly what people are trying to rid themselves...
Nikki, I've heard that too about rapeseed, which is just another name for canola. I've heard it questioned whether it is fit for human consumption. But another thought, which is slightly off the track is canola's association with Monsanto. Monsanto's gm canola predominates the market, and even when the canola is not Monsanto's, because of the problems with cross-pollination, many smaller farms are being invaded by these Round-up resistant crops. Including organic labels?...
That's another thing, do you use henna all over your hair everytime? When I was doing chemical dyes, I would be satisfied to touch up the roots. Thanks for your thoughts jocelyndale, I'm going to try the boiling water. As for the wine, is there a process behind that? Thanks.
Edenfoods has a good selection, but I find http://www.seaveg.com/ to be more cost effective. I try to buy from these two places because they make sure the sea veggies are grown in environmentally protected waters. Sea veggies are highly absorbant, including pollutants!
I remember reading on these boards that soda has phosphorous that is bad for you, so that even despite the calorie issue, it is not good for health. I wonder if you can do a search for it.
Thanks Sphinxie and Spastica. That's really helpful. I am concerned a little about over exfoliating, but I never thought about the bs turning the oil into soap. Very useful. I was actually wondering about whether honey made shea butter and oils soluble, and now I know. Thanks again.
Christacular, well that seems like good proof to me that a vegan diet can work. Some of my vegan friends didn't seem to fare as well, but I don't know many. Most are vegetarians, and they include stuff that omnis would eat like dairy and eggs. You seem to have difficulty allowing people to express concerns about soy. As you pointed out to Chicharronita, just because you had good experiences, doesn't make it true for all. You spoke your peace, let others speak theirs...
Quote: Originally Posted by christacular both my mother and mother-in-law found including soy foods in their diets helped ease some of their symptoms of menopause. And why did it ease their symptoms? As far as I know menopause is a hormonal issue, so why would I give my child, especially a boy, a food that is known to have hormonal benefits for women? Quote: my husband has been vegetarian from the age of 11 (34 now) and has...
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