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I just started making snack trays for my DS (3) and he loves dried cranberries in his -- I'm so glad I found this -- snack trays are a great idea!
I work for the public schools in my area & I haven't heard of anyone actually checking doctors signatures or verifying information. However, the religious exemption seems so much easier and you wouldn't have to worry about getting caught.
We are ttc and have been thinking about having a homebirth as well. We live in Alpharetta GA and have emailed back and forth with Beth Miller (birthingway.com) and she seems sweet. We are going to set up an appointment to meet her soon. I'll let you know how it goes. 
Hey ladies! I live in Alpharetta too & am really interested in getting together with other moms - my 3 1/2 year old loves Webb Bridge Park and sometimes we head down to Roswell Area Park because it has lots of shade. It would be fun to get a little group together sometime soon!   We currently go to Dunwoody Pediatrics off Old Milton Pkwy, but I am searching for a pediatrician that is a little more flexible when it comes to the vaccine schedule.   I look forward...
Mom2IrishBoys - I'm in exactly the same boat!! I have two boys & am really hoping for a girl this time. My boys are older - 8 and 3 - we used the Shettles Method, although I have heard mixed reviews. When it comes down to it, its pretty much 50/50 chance again this time :-)
I agree with others who have said get a new ped -- immediately! What bad advice your doctor gave you! I had a very forceful letdown with my ds and he had some nose leakage as well. It didn't last long. By maybe 3-4 months he spit up a lot less, and it didn't come out his nose.   Maybe the new ped can take a look to make sure there isn't any issue with the velum (soft palate). Everything is probably just fine. Keep breastfeeding...maybe invest in a few extra burp...
Hi everyone! I'm new here and ttc # 3 &  just started my 2ww. I'm excited to join this community of mamas and mamas to be!    Tenzinsmama ~ I know what you mean! As soon as we ttc, our DS (3) started having trouble in the sleep department. He used to be so easy to put to sleep but lately he has been staying up later and later and getting up earlier and earlier. We'll get back into our regular schedule eventually though.  Here's to BFPs! 
I just started the 2ww also - we are ttc #3 and I am terrible about testing too early. I waste so many tests. I'm a "pee-stick-aholic" haha. I am going to try and wait until the 16th or 17th to start my daily testing. I have a long cycle that ranges between 30 and 33 days. Hoping for BFPs for all of us!
Nice to meet you! I'm new to MDC as well ~ Just signed up a couple days ago. I am looking forward to meeting other moms & being a part of this community too. Welcome! :-) 
Truth! Well, according to the Shettles method, it is the truth. :-) I have read Dr. Shettles book, "How To Choose the Sex of Your Baby" and he says that the female sperm are more hardy and resilient. The boy sperm are faster but die quicker. So, if you BD 3 days before ovulation, the idea is that the boy sperm will die while waiting for the egg & once you ovulate, the girl sperm will be the only ones waiting. The Shettles method also suggests that the female not orgasm...
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