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Quote: Originally posted by happymomwith4 I bathe every day....It helps me relax! If my kids are asleep, dh is gone and it's dark outside....I get SO paranoid--I'll put soap on my face and I'll keep opening my eyes watching for the boogie man to reach through the shower curtain to get me while I'm trying to rinse--so then my eyes burn from the soap. Thanks happymomwith4 Im not alone in my paranoia! I love to shower or bath everyday. DD is in...
: Thanks I needed that!
Well I started out very small went up to a 34 C when my milk came in and now Im very small again and still nursing. Since Ive always had small breasts Im fine with them. There doing the job their designed to and Im happy with that.
Here's mine: Vata-24 Pitta-1 Kapha-2 So I guess Im a Vata. Very fitting!
INFJ here too describes me to a t.
Well my hips are wider now and my boobs are soooooooo small . but I weight the same as before Im 5'6 118 lbs and I could get firmer if I didn't indulge in desserts or seconds and I did some aerobics but Im ok with it. My skin is more of a problem the my body. I loved my body when I preggo though I felt sooooo beautiful and my skin was fabulous!
Thank you so much for posting. The one step forward 3 steps back is so true
I think were considered poor as far as income goes 10,000 a year. However I have many friends who are in the 6 figure category and they don't talk about how much money they have or complain about taxes. A relative did however say she thought they should get baby checks & bonuses when they were making 6 figures in which I just shook my head. We do well though cause Im thrifty and simple. Some of my friends parents pay for their schooling and rent while there in school and...
Dd would watch the baby einstein once in a while and she would cry when it ended. She really liked them.
Hair in my food-the big long ones. I inspect most things i eat and I find a hair(s) alot of the time. Thankfully I cook alot and wear my hair back and I don't find any in my cooking. I wouldn't mind so much about fluff or even pet hairs but long hairs are yucky. Ive even found pubic hairs in restaurant food and a friend's home baking. :Puke
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