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thanks so much :)
Hello mamas-- I'm posting this as a favor for a friend.  She's doing a few vax and needs some resources on how to word a vax religious exemption letter in New Jersey.  She found some resources online, but isn't sure how reliable they are.  Would anyone be willing to share a sample letter or any tips on how to write one?  Is shorter or longer better?   Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! :)
My son had an anaphylactic reaction to almond butter I consumed 3 hours before nursing him. I avoid nuts and peanuts like the plague.  I too couldn't find any solid info other than a study that said that in half of nursing moms traces of peanut proteins can be detected if they consume it.  G'luck!
Hi there, I would take your son to the a pediatric allergist and insist on a blood allergy test covering those foods and more general foods.  Three days of hives is significant.   My son was diagnosed with severe tree nut and peanut allergies (among others) at 8 months.  We found out when he had an anaphylactic reaction to my breast milk...I had eaten some almond butter a few hours before nursing him.  My son never had consumed nuts/peanuts...only breastmilk.  We...
Hey there, When we lived in Montclair, we went to Dr. Maria Yerovi in Bloomfield and LOVED her!!! Very knowledgable, great personality and very much respected that we did not vax.  Highly recommend her.  We moved out of the area recently and are trying to find someone as amazing.  Good luck!
Anyone? :(
Tanya Wills is AMAZING!!!! My husband and I took her Bradley classes and she was our doula.  Incredibly knowledgable, skilled, and a wonderful personality. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.  She is on the pricey side, but worth it in my opinion. (Our accountant was able to do a tax write off. :)   I think this is her site: http://www.manhattandoulanyc.com/Manhattan_Doula_NYC/Manhattan_Doula_NYC.html 
If you're going to move to the Montclair area, Dr. Maria Yerovi in Bloomfield is awesome!!! We went to her since our son was born and she is incredibly supportive and very open minded. We recently moved to Midland Park and are looking for a no-vax friendly dr. all over again.  I know of Dr. Rosen in Oradell, which is near Paramus and not to far from Ridgewood.  I haven't had a chance to test out anyone yet.  I'll post again if I find someone fabulous.
My family just moved to Midland Park, NJ from Montclair,NJ and we are looking for a no-vax friendly dr. in this area. We  had Dr. Maria Yerovi in Bloomfield, NJ, absolutely loved her, and are sad to have to find someone new.  We'd love any recommendations. I have come across Milestone Peds. in Franklin Lakes and Dr. Rosen in Oradell and wondered if anyone could share their experiences.  Ideally we'd like someone within a 30 min. driving distance. Any dr....
Love the jelly roll! Keeps the blowouts in better than other folding methods we'ved tried.
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