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I can't believe how old some of these cuties already are! 40w4d here and no signs of labor.
Ahhhhhhhhh so many new cuties!  They all look so happy!     I want some chubby-wubby cheeks to kiss already... :)
Congrats, SB!   Yes, hang in there, Moriah, your body is doing its thing and is very wise.  Your midwives do sound awesome.  :)
Yay, welcome, Lennox!  So punctual!!
wishin, sounds like he gave you all the trouble he needed to with that labor and now he's done??  Enjoy, he's a cutie!!
Good luck, Moriah!
Congrats everyone!!     I'm so encouraged to hear of the older siblings' behaviors (even the range of participation and not).  I can't wait to experience birth with my toddler around, if he's awake, and see how he does.  I expect he may need space from the noise if I'm loud, but also he's very concerned and empathetic (e.g., if I say my back hurts he offers to rub it and says, "It's okay, Mommy, I'll take care of you" which positively makes me melt!).  
Wow, Arwen, beautiful eyes when you decide to show them off!!!
Farmer, glad to hear you're home!   Aw, nursing is hard work, Malcolm!  :)
I strung them all on one big string together with spaces in between, and hope to use them to meditate and focus during labor.  I saved the little sayings that some of you included with them to read for inspiration if I think of it, too.  How lovely!
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