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Pastor, score!   The more I learn about all of this, the more fascinating it is.  I had no idea last time and we missed such an opportunity I think.
It's encouraging to check back and see it's working out for folks!     We are ready for ours, but playing the waiting game.  Due in another 15 days, but of course baby will come when he's ready :)
Such serious, wide-eyed little faces!   Keep the pics coming, ladies!  I can't get enough :)
Heart shaped!  How neat!!   I found out my midwives' apprentice does encapsulation.  It's $200 so I'm sure it'd be more economical if I tried to do it myself, but honestly I do a lot myself around the house and I can't picture adding something else right now.  I'm psyched though, and hoping it helps with milk supply as that was a serious issue for me last time.   How many capsules is typical??  
I'm not at the point yet where I'm trying anything specifically, but I will break out some tactics if I get to 42w I think.  I really don't want to go past 43w, though my midwives are fine with it if baby and I both seem healthy to continue... I just know it'll make me nervous.   I don't know as I'd consider a sweep at any point, but am leaning more toward walking/sex/nipple stimulation as well as ingesting castor oil or whatever else herb-wise the midwives suggest...
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh they are all so gorgeous!  I can't believe so many are already here and the month isn't even half over.   I am sure it'll be well into June before I can add my pic.  Oh well, at least I can view your cuties in the meantime to get me psyched up for having a little person to cuddle!!  :)
Congrats, Lynann!
Awww, this is a great thread!  So positive!!   My belly was the least favorite part of my body post-baby last time around, I'll admit.  Prior to kids I had a little "pooch" as I liked to call it.  After DS was born and I lost the weight and got really fit, I still had lots of saggy belly skin.  Booo.  Though I am in awe of my amazing body that is capable of growing a baby and sustaining its life through nursing, I have to say I was a bit displeased with my belly.  I...
17 days to go!    DS was induced at 42w1d though, so I am betting I get to tack another 15 or so days on there :)  Grain of salt and all that, yada yada.
We have THREE FREEZERS!  There's our regular freezer, the freezer in our old stand-up fridge model now dwelling in the basement which is somewhat unreliable and therefore only houses breads/flours/veggies/fruits, and a 3x3x3 cube chest freezer that was already here when we bought the house.  We're into "whole foods" and local and organics as much as possible so I'm sort of nuts about what we eat and I know I do not personally want to stock up at the grocery store or rely...
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