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Wow Twilight, that's awesome!  Moving and closing and fixing up while pregnant maybe not so much, but a new house, that's awesome!  Plenty of room for the expanding family?   Wish we could move right now but we're stuck for the time being.  We have three bedrooms so we'll be losing the guest room when this bambino comes along.  My FIL asked DH "but where will we sleep when we visit?" and DH said "Uh, the floor or a hotel I guess, Dad."  Ha!
Oh my, that's a big family cluster!  It's a nice time of year for a birthday.
DS is closing in on his third birthday.  At this point he nurses 1-2 times per day and skips 1-2 days per week so it is not a huge strain on me.  I have wondered for a while how much milk he could really be getting.  It's much more of a routine/comfort/snuggle thing for us at this stage.  I very much want to let him decide to wean, so I'm determined to stick it out even if it gets pretty rough.  So far it's been okay, though I have noticed my nipples are very sensitive...
It's very tough, you're right!  We're still unsure how much if anything we'll share with them.  I know my parents have the potential to be huge negative drains on our plans.  They tried to talk me out of being a vegetarian in high school, stating it wasn't safe and was a horrible idea for an athlete as there was no way to get all of the essential amino acids, yada yada.  I can just hear what they'd say about a home birth.  And then I imagine telling my MIL, who doesn't...
Oh my gosh, yes, similar!  It is happening earlier this time around, isn't it?  
Agreed, at least the timing of the weather is on our side right now!   Personally I am having to steer clear of certain items of clothing already because I try them on and realize folks will be asking that "pregnant of gaining weight?" question and I'm really not ready for that yet.  I am surprised this is already happening because I'm only 6 weeks... I don't remember feeling this way with DS until around 14 weeks.   I'm game for the belly photos... do we have a separate...
Oh wow, congratulations!
Yes, my DS never slept well in the same room as us either.  We moved him to his own room at 7 weeks!  It felt crazy because he was so very small.  I lived in the rocking chair in his room back then, because he'd wake on average 4 times per night, and kept that up for a good while.  We'll see with the next bean.
That's part of why it'll be interesting, ha!   My heartburn has kicked in the past few days.  Along with loose joints, joint pain, and a general increase to my already pretty respectable klutziness.  Thanks, relaxin!  
I love this idea!  It's sort of like the kitchen tool experiment where you box everything and only put it back in your drawer/cabinet if you actually use it in a set time period.
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