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My favorite thing about babywearing is that I can do stuff without having to worry about where my toddler is, and she's happy to observe. (My least favorite thing is that if I'm going somewhere I have to carry the diaper bag instead of stowing it in my stroller, LOL!) I "like" boba and mothering on facebook too.
I just asked to join
I don't know of any but I'd sure like to know too.
My advice is DUMP THE 'FIANCE'. He has NO right to tell you you can't go to a therapist. He has NO right to put you through shit. He's got problems with going after prepubescent girls. Any one of those is enough reason to break up, but all together?? I hate to say it, but he's already been messing with your head. You SHOULD think about the future -- not to is plain stupid. You NEED to get out of there.
He would always reassure me that he loved me. He let me set boundaries that encroached on his own, until they were no longer necessary. And yes, over time things have gotten better. Still, though, sometimes I'll get flashbacks and be worried and stuff. Maybe ask your husband what you could do that would help him? Like...saying "do you feel loved?" is great, but what about trying to find his triggers? Is there anything specific that makes him feel that way? Like, if you...
I know. It's stupid, and covering it up only creates another cycle of abuse. For a long time I was kind of like that with my husband (my issue was I kept feeling like he didn't love me anymore). He was really really patient with me until I became more confident in our love. I think the anger will leave mostly too. When my husband found out about what my parents did, he was really really angry with them all the time, but it sort of wore off. When we think about it it...
Wow, I'm disgusted with his siblings, too!! People have told me the same things...get over it, move on, stop playing the victim, stop blaming others for your problems, etc. Those people either deny abuse or don't realize how much what happens in one's childhood (and even in infancy) affects the rest of their life. It can be a hard thing to come to grips with the fact that a loved one of yours was abused by someone you know! I hope you can find peace -- it sounds like if...
Your priority is your son. You do what you need to to keep him safe. If you don't allow contact with your MIL, that's just fine. You don't have to, especially if she's STILL abusive. My parents were mentally and physically abusive as well. If I had contact with them (they cut me off, go figure), I would never allow my daughter to be alone with them. Ever. I'm glad your husband is a good father to your son!! What does your husband say about visiting with his mom?
doing MUCH better. Still have trouble sometimes with the left side, but the right is painless all the time now ^_^
just a note about the pacis...prolly not true for everyone, but my baby wont take the paci from me. i get the feeling shes like "when im with u mom i dont need a paci!" lol
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