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ladies i love the photos!!! it blows my mind that everyone is growing up so fast.  my two will be a year old in six short weeks.  at 10.5 months julia is already walking and is too smart for her own good, and ben walks with a walker, has a smile that lights up a room, and is a total momma's boy.  
lilac congrats!!!! they boys are beautiful and i'm so impressed you can tandem feed right off the bat.  amazing!   hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  dd just started crawling and ds is now sitting up on his own.  i'm just having the best year ever, and i'm glad you ladies are here to share it with me.  
Congrats Happy!!! So glad to see so many beautiful babies making their arrivals!
rcr, i've said it already, but i am SO happy for you.  like wissa said, you beat it! you got your happy ending.   lilac, so soon!  at a certain point your uterus will just evict them.  hehe.  A good friend of mine is now almost 42 weeks pregnant with no real signs of impending labor.  I was glad my twins made their exit at 36 weeks.  I could not be pregnant one second longer!
Nice work Lilac! I did the same thing, I returned a bunch.  I am still clinging to about $200 in babies r us credits!     I can't believe you're 36 weeks already!  How do you feel?
Also, the perinatologist told me the morning of the day I delivered that both babies were over 6lbs.  Ultrasounds can be way off depending on who is doing the measuring.  
Happy, mine were born at 36 weeks and were just fine!  Julia was 4 lbs 9 oz and Ben was 5 lbs 8 oz.  They were healthy, had great apgars and came home with me.  They are still tiny babies but following their curve and doing well.  Don't let size worry you!
Bah just lost a whole post! Annoying! Rcr, I'm on pins and needles waiting for this baby!! Will m be around for the home birth? Blue, Caden is so handsome!! I had to show do the costumes, we are a fan of babies and/or pets in super hero costumes. And teeth!! We are teething but nothing has popped through yet. How was your teething experience? Kewpie, love the video! And I love their little voices! They are beautiful and so sweet, can't wait to see mine doing the same....
congrats suzie!! she is beautiful!   also so happy your whole family is reunited guppy! how do you feel?   ben and julia are five months old today.  how time flies!  
hi ladies!  i hope everyone is doing well, i've been thinking about you all a lot recently.  i got my bill from SIRM saying that the next six months is due for cryo... i was hoping to donate the leftover embryos and i asked about it, but sadly they don't do donation.  they said i can look into a third party service, but it feels like a lot of work at this point.  not sure what to do.  dh says i should just be happy we have our babies and to call it a day.  anyone else get...
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