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as far as Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding goes i bottle fed mine i am just not comfortable with breast feeding, but i have no problems with people that do it, and im not going to verbally attacking someone for chosing to do so. it was just in my comfort zone.   Homemade baby food vs in a jar i always bought it in a jar, but mine never ate baby food hardly at all as soon as they had a few teeth they wanted what i had.   Milk vs non-dairy babies depends...
my house is quiet when my kids are either napping or asleep at night, other than that.. i dont know the meaning of quiet..
I am 22, and have two children. My oldest is 2 and my youngest is 10 months. Everywhere I go weather its grocery shopping or to check my mail I am surrounded by people trying to tell me what and how to do things with my kids. I may be taking it to heart too much but I find it kind of insulting and degrading how I see best for my kids. And I don't know how to deal with it. I feel as though people talk to me like I'm stupid and don't know what I am doing because I am...
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