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With my first I felt movement at 17 weeks. This one started at ten! And now, at 21 weeks, I can feel it from the outside.
Sixteen weeks, second baby.
Yes, yes! There is hope and help without surgery. Check out http://fit2b.us/ I've been using it for awhile and it's wonderful. There are even people who have partially healed a diastatis while pregnant.
I always have crazy dreams, but they are over the top when I'm pregnant. One of my more recent dreams was that rather than have an ultrasound, we decided to just take the baby out and look at it, check gender, etc. It was a boy, but it grew so fast when we took it out that we couldn't put it back in! I was so sad that I wouldn't get to experience this pregnancy and birth. Woke up and was relieved to feel my tiny belly!
Definitely felt it at ten weeks. I'm 13 now and feel something almost daily. With my first I didn't feel anything until 17 weeks.
13 weeks, second baby.
Ah, thank you. My ultrasound put me at April 28, and subsequent cessation of nausea has confirmed that, so could you move me to the earliest group? Thanks!
I don't see me?
Yes. I was esp frustrated this time because I had literally just had everything checked at another provider -- seven vials of blood! -- but they insisted it wasn't an OB panel, so drew another eight vials! Yikes!
Hey ladies, I have been lurking for awhile and just now officially joining. =) This is my third pregnancy (one very early m/c, 22 mo old DD), and there were some weird things going on with my body this summer that ended up making me completely miss the early signs of pregnancy. We were on vacation in CO when my DH finally told me I should test... I thought it was just altitude sickness, LOL. So based on the best calculations I could figure, my EDD would have been May 11......
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