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I'm also doing the pregnant skeleton shirt!
I had my anatomy scan yesterday and it's a boy!
Guess: Girl Appointment Date: 10/20 Its a...   Obviously I don't know yet. I'm the only person that's thinking girl! Everyone thinks I'm having a boy this time, but I don't. I don't really have strong girl feelings either, but I don't really have any boy feelings. I can't wait to find out!
Cameragirl, I'm having the same issues! I think I probably need to track what I'm eating because I must be eating more calories than I realize.   I also got a lot of grief last time but none this time (yet).
There are two hospitals in town and I'm delivery at the other one this time. I think they're probably pretty similar, although the one I'm using this time is supposed to be more breastfeeding friendly (immediate skin to skin, no pacifiers, no formula samples unless requested, etc). I think both hospitals have the same perks (private rooms is the only one I can think of).
I'm 13w2d and I think I was feeling the baby about 30 minutes ago. It seems way early, but okay!
I'm undecided about the flu shot but I just wanted to chime in with neti pot love. My seasonal allergies have been acting up and the ol' nose pot has helped so much.
Yes, we plan to find out again this time. The main reason I want to find out is because I have a ton of girl stuff and if I'm having a boy, I want to be able to give it all to my SIL that is pregnant with twin girls. Also, all of our nursery stuff is pretty girly. I claimed over and over that I wasn't going to decorate it with girly things, but that's what ended up happening.   I kind of wish we'd waited until delivery with my first, but oh well. 
We also used the Breastflow bottles and liked them. I didn't have any problems them melting but I also sterilized in the dishwasher.   These were my favorite bottles:   MAM anti colic   They were also kind of a pain to clean (more parts than a regular bottle, but It didn't really make too much of a difference.
I really liked the MAM anti colic bottles last time.
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