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Hi! I'm 7dpo now and my boobs have sharp pains going through them. I'm not engorged or anything and DD is still nursing as much as before. Any idea what it could be? There's no redness or anything? Could it be an early pregnancy sign?
They do run a little big. Um, sunbabies never fit right with us. DD is chunky and they always leaked.   
Oh no!!!! I'm back to 5dpo O_O nooooooo!!   And sorry about my temps! I just started using them again because I was curious. The temps suck because LO still nurses every hour... so I never get the recommended amount of sleep.   
True... but I didn't menstruate on her or wipe myself with her clothes. hehe ;)  
Thank you! I used to temp when TTC#1, but I was never this jumpy. lol   I'll stick with this one. I don't know why my chart isn't showing? It's the right url and everything. :/
  Hi! I used to live in Virginia and my cousins children went to a daycare (selectively vaxed). I asked her this and she said you can ask to see their liscense and if they have one, they have to accept the waiver. Unless it's a private home daycare.     
Yeah. I'm sure you'll be fine! Even if you did get kicked at a later gestation, you have LOADS of protection. :)
Because they want it. :) I'm not denying my toddler to nurse to sleep if she wants it. 
I got mine back at 10 months PP, but we were TTC, and I gave her more solids for a week. Then after I ovulated, I went back to nursing her as much as she wanted. Now my cycles are clock work 35 - 37 days without having to give more solids. She's 13 months!
  I have absolutely no idea if it can or not. Usually when I'm scared I feel cold.    Well, I was jolted awake by my alarm clock this morning (DH doesn't work weekends, and I normally just temp when he wakes). I took it and it was 97.1 (36.16). I calmed down and took it again and it was 97.5 (36.38).    I kept the lower one on my chart and now it looks funny.   Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/nicoleoleole   Is that the right temp? Could it be...
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