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Aaannnd we still haven't started moving, because we are insane. We really need to get it in gear. I did move a truckload of stuff a couple weeks ago...I just don't wanna do the whole moving thing! It  will be so worth it, though!
We would also love to try them. My daughter is cutting her first tooth right now and it is no fun!
We're moving into our farmhouse right now. Our last day at our apartment is September 10th (dh's b-day) so at least we have a while to get things moved. I really wish we could have done this before we had a baby though! It is impossible to pack with a 3 month old wanting to nurse 24/7!     grumble stupid auto correct grumble
http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/ginger   I teach this skirt pattern in an intermediate sewing class. It is a simple technique, but looks gorgeous and the little details make it look really vintage and neat. Colette patterns have awesome instructions and every size is in the same envelope. It's also easy to trace off just one size so you don't destroy the other sizes.   For a super beginner project, I highly suggest a bag or something that doesn't involve fit....
Have you tried knitpicks? They are cheap and super awesome. I have a set of interchangeables and several DPN's and 16"length ones (16" are not included in interchangeable sets). I also really like Bryspuns for needles on the cheap. Plastic, yes. But bendy and smooth.     edit for listing the wrong needle company. D'oh!
Ahh it's cool I've had a few people IRL accuse me of  bragging. :)     Now may baby has a cold and she was awake ALL NIGHT LONG because she couldn't breathe. Poor little thing. I just hate sucking snot out of her little nose.
    Yep. Four days. I'm really not bragging, because it was insane for my milk supply to deal with, but she has just really enjoyed sleeping at night right off the bat.  She only woke up 3 times last night. I really hope whatever is going on is ending soon, cause I am so freaking tired.    
I really love Sheepy Time Knit's pattern for soakers and skirties. I haven't tried the longies yet, because it has been too hot for long pants. I also liked curly purly, even though knitting worsted weight on size 3 needles was not the best thing ever for my wrists. Now that baby Eleanor is over 15lbs, I'm actually letting myself make all the soakers since she should be able to wear them more than two weeks.      
This is also going on at out house right now. Eleanor is 13 weeks old, and she has slept through the night consistently since she was 4 days old. Seriously. This ended the last two nights. I was really getting spoiled with all the sleep. I will never take that for granted again!
Nursing side-lying was a little difficult for us to figure out at first, as I have ginormous boobs. However, I'm pretty sure she nurses all night long now, which is fine, except that she can only get to one side unless I physically move her to the middle of the bed. Then no one can get any sleep. She's only three months old though, so we still have time to learn a better way!
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