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With my first baby I had the bucket. It was heavy and hard to carry. Plus there seemed to be some social pressure to USE the bucket and leave the child IN the bucket. With my second baby I had the convertible, which I loved. There was no choice regarding carrying/wearing the baby - it was just what I did.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evie's Mama but if a recipe calls for agave I will just substitute raw honey. Is it a direct substitution? Do you add water to the honey?
Quote: Originally Posted by Evie's Mama We don't use agave because of the way it is processed What about the processing do you object to? I am NOT trying to be snarky, I am just trying to understand. Here is part of the response: Quote: Briefly though, the native people supplying the juice collect it from the live plant, by hand, twice daily. There is no heat involved in the removal. The juice is immediately brought to the...
I am interested in trying Elana's recipes - but I am hung up on the use of Agave sweetener. This is the link to her suggested brand's rebuttal to the recent article about agave is evil like HFCS. http://stanford.wellsphere.com/healt...sy-here/584480 So what do you believe? Do you use Agave? I don't plan to use a TON of it - it is not like we are going to drink it with a straw. But I don't want to order and pay for it, only to decide that it is going to kill...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodie The gummies kind of have a hot cinnamon flavor with an under tone of fish.: Sounds like a real winner!
I have a bunch of pretty glass jars that once contained wheat flour. Is it possible to wash them really well and use them to hold GF things? I don't want to be paying more for the GF and then cross contaminating at home!
Thanks for the recipes!
What is the best book to read about the advantages of going grain free? What about a discussion of the pros and cons of adding things like almond flour? Thanks!
Lists sent! Please double check your family listing for errors. I have checked and checked, but there is always the possibility that I missed something. So please check your family entry, and let me know ASAP if a correction is needed so that I may send it out to your group. Obviously if you did not receive the list, contact me NOW! Thanks everyone!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Marnica Do your research about quality brands and whole food vitamins first and then worry about where to get them. I get many of what i buy online. A whole sale pleace in my town also carries certain brands I use. Okay, so how do you research quality brands? Because I am having a difficult time finding specific recommendations.
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