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Where is the best place to buy vitamins, supplements, CLO etc... Trader Joes? Whole Foods? Costco? Amazon? Online?
Can I just say that sometimes all of this just makes me want to cry?
Sorry for the wait. I think I can get things done, and then it always takes longer than I think it will... The above is the updated name list. Please check to make sure that your kiddos are on there. I have PM'd the three mamas who had been checking the swap board. I can't stand the thought of homeschoolers without Valentines. So, assuming that I received addresses by tomorrow, they will be joining us. I am planning to split the list, probably into thirds....
Sorry for the delay. Updated name list. Please check to see if your child is listed. Caleb (6) Audrey (3) Ellie Sam Emily(age 7) Dominic Joey Colwyn (6) Lachlann (4) David age 11 Caileigh , age 3 Gregory Brandon Jake age 9 Zack age 6 Kendall (age 6) Sierra (age 8) Owen age 8 Luke age 6 Liberty 3 Jessica Ross Grace (age 8) Daniel (age 5) Jack 12 Christy 10 Toby 6 Hannah 3 Isabella Erin Gillian Qualia, age 5 Sebastian, age 3.5 Eva (age 6) Ana (age 4) Alder...
We would be interested!
Sign-ups CLOSED!
I am going to close the sign ups tomorrow morning, and then post the complete list of names. Please let me know if you are not on the updated list! Tomorrow night or the following morning, I will post guidelines and send out the address lists via PM.
I am going to close the swap on January 14th. I still have a few address that I am waiting on, and that will give a day or so to catch any stragglers. We are approaching 50 kids, at about 25 different address. I an thinking about splitting the list in half, and then asking participants to mail to each child. That would make it about what you would do for a classroom. Thoughts??? Here are the kiddos I have so far: Caleb (6) Audrey (3) Ellie Sam Emily(age...
PMs are coming in. I'll post a list a bit later of who I have so far...
Okay, anyone who is interested PM me with your mailing address and the names and ages of your kiddos. I will start compiling a list, and some guidelines.
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