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I found it. Thank you Flickr! http://www.okido.co.uk/
I am looking for a children's magazine - I have googled and googled to no avail. It was a science-y, colorful, magazine, but very .... hip. It was from ... the UK? It had a name like Kiddo? Help!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Leta I would much rather impart a broad rather than deep cultural knowledge. I feel like in our current society, that's the best way to go. IMO, this is, in many ways, the opposite of a classical education.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes I would think that situation could get ugly all around and I don't know if you really want to put your ds in that sort of situation not knowing how her dh might react. Just to clarify, I would NOT have DS present when I confronted the woman.
At about the same age I had a wildly inappropriate with a much older man. I wanted my parents help getting out of it - but at the same time, I didn't. I enjoyed the attention, the specialness, and the feeling that this other person was breaking all of these rules for me. When my parents confronted me I told them that they were crazy to think such things. Yet the healthy part of me then, and certainly every part of me now, wishes that my parents had shut the whole thing...
I do not have a SN child... but I do have carrier experience. I would think that a Mei Tei would be a great option. Correctly seated, the knees are above the bum, taking pressure off of the hips. For LOTS of info about babywearing, you may want to post at http://thebabywearer.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyshoppinghabit When I take my son to preschool or a birthday party, Around here you would be the mainstream mother.
I think that it is a lack of quality sleep.
You need to be in survival mode, at least for this week. Think of what would work right now - not what is perfect, or forever, or ideal. Could you drive them until the fell asleep and then snooze in the car? Could your DD lay quietly and listen to a book on tape? Could she watch a movie? Would she lay quietly in a special fort? Do you have a box of quiet toys that could be special for quiet time? Would she lay and listen to a CD of lullabyes? Would she help...
I LOVE my rice cooker! I can set it up and let it run, the rice is always still nice and warm but not overcooked when dinner is ready. I can cook a lot or a little and it still turns out nice. I can cook white, brown, black, rissoto, wild - it all turns out great. I can add butter, chicken broth, black eyed peas, cheese, veggies, a can of bean with seasoned sauce... it always comes out right. I have a whole book of recipes. LOVE the rice cooker!
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