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Quote: Originally Posted by Tristan You are still on your Metformin? My RE doc told me to stop it right away when I found out I was pregnant. They did tell me that after birth I would need to go back on it after about a month which means no boobs after that for my lil peanut. When I took Metformin with my DD, I was instructed to take it through the first trimester IIRC. WHY did they tell you to go back on it after to the exclusion of...
I think of hamsters and gerbils as being more like fish in the pet spectrum. A GP is more like a cat or a rabbit. I would go GP.
Not that it matters, but... do you think that the nurse did it maliciously or accidentally? I would get a lawyer.
My son would want a heart. I don't see why they can't just make all the options available to all kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Katie Bugs Mama I would be livid if someone that I trusted to take of my pets unilaterally decided to alter their medical treatment. Livid. I think that you should either wait until your neighbor gets home or call her while she's away and tell her everything that you've told us. I'm willing to be that she will agree with you about the need to stop this medicine. :
Hersey's makes a REALLY good decaf hot chocolate mix - it is called something like Goodnight Kisses. IIRC it comes in a purple and black box with a moon on it. There are points of every day where I would sell my soul for a Diet Coke. :
What doesn't he like about the Ergo? That might help to know what to recommend...
Sometimes a well written letter, perhaps sent by registered mail, detailing the steps you are going to take to reclaim your money - filing a dispute with the credit card company, filing a claim in small claims court, etc... is enough to get someone moving on your refund.
I have not been in your position, although I did have a pregnancy "scare" during my engagement. I will say, that once married, everything that seemed to matter so much in terms of the order of things, no longer mattered. We were married, it was our life. For *me* an abortion would have been a huge mistake. Once we were married I would have been haunted by that decision. I also don't think that *I* would have gone through with a marriage to a man that pressured...
Get a second, and possibly a third, opinion.
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