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Quote: Originally Posted by flowers Whistler! No, you don't have do garden, but then you must at least have a CSA! ! :
I would find that insanely annoying. If your husband wants to drink water to save the money it would cost for a second drink - fine. But this system would not fly with me. What if you stood next to him while ordering and said "Oh, and I'll have a...."
Do you have a big ole stack of Domino? Because I would pay you to send them to me. : I threw away all of my shelter mags because "I could always get more later." Now Domino has folded and I'm wishing I hadn't been so hasty.
Quote: Originally Posted by New_Natural_Mom I don't consider drug users role models. Though in general, I feel there are few if any real public role models anymore (not that there ever really were). No one is perfect in public or private - but I'd rather my DS not look up to someone who is known to use drugs. I was disappointed to hear about Michael Phelps. I realize I am most likely in the minority about this on MDC but there it is. I didn't rant...
I would drop the "if he needs it..." and go straight to "I am NOT giving him formula."
I felt this way until I had a little girl. I can't stand most of the girl clothes. Great places for boy clothes: Land's End LL Bean Hanna Andersson Etsy (for interesting t shirts) Also, I have had great success shopping in the "school uniform" section of some of the above.
I can really relate to your post. I could have written many parts of it. It annoys me to no end when a homeschooling mom complains, and everyone's answer is to ship the kids off to school. When a schooling mom complains no one pipes up and says "why not ship them off to the orphanage?" I don't know the answers, because I am still living the problem. I do know that when I am taking classes (for me this is art classes) then I do feel better, and it is easier to...
That would make me INSANE. :
Quote: Originally Posted by limette I think 20k is the general low end price with 40k being the average. It's crazy! This is what we are finding.
Sometimes I really hate the world we live in right now.
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