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Quote: Originally Posted by oceanbaby I belong to several homeschooling groups, but just have not found the community I want. Maybe I am unrealistic, but I just feel a bit empty about the whole thing. The communities seem to focus on field trips and park days, both of which just run me ragged and don't seem to foster any long term friendships for me or the kids. This is exactly where we are - so much so that seeing it all written out made...
Is there going to be another Valentine swap like last year? Please? :
Quote: Originally Posted by AbbieB Am I understanding this post correctly, you think it's awesome for parents to park their child in a stroller outside and then go inside to eat? Or are you saying that families with strollers eat outside, there is a no stroller section inside, and that's what's awesome. Yeah that. Cause the way I'm understanding it is the kid gets left outside alone in a stroller. How is THAT child friendly? Feel...
As the only one over here stressed about the holidays (read: I am the one in charge of everything) I need to hear your stresses. Tell me I am not alone! Tell me that you are over committed, under craft finished, boxes piled everywhere, stressed out. I need your tales of woe.
Will your new name have your trademark trademark?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheal *sigh* I'm a married mom of 5 kids, believe me my kids come first too beka. I don't understand the amount of fear that people have - maybe I'm lucky to have a man that understands, takes his time with me and is tolerant of my "baggage". Might I add, he is the biological father of all 5 children too. As a survivor I refuse to live in fear (within reason of the safety of my children). Projecting our fears into a...
I think that she is being negligent. Children of divorced moms who are dating have a FAR greater chance of being sexually abused than children of intact families or non-dating moms. I do not think that the man or a three year old child are reliable sources of information. I think that her best source of information was that twinge of fear/worry - and she choose to ignore that because she wants things to be okay with her boyfriend. I do not believe that knowing...
I would have wanted my own eggs saved. I have known from about age 16 that I would have fertility issues and that didn't make the reality any easier. (ie. This would be important to me and I knew to expect infertility.)
We are using mvelopes.com and I love it!
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