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Coke and juice are very expensive - what if you told your DH that any money he saved by cutting back on these items (or eliminating them!) he could use toward something he wanted? Or maybe you could strike a bargin - he gives up the soda, you give up something he doesn't like.
So, not to get too off topic... but can I ask why you make your own yogurt? I saw a yogurt maker the other day, and was thinking about getting one... but I wasn't quite sure how home yogurt was better than the stuff from the store. Is it because it is better for you? Because it is cheaper? Because it just feels really cool to have made yogurt???
Okay, so earlier this week I received a Kelly's Closet email coupon for free inserts with the purchase of 12 FB, and 10% off orders over a certain amout. Of corse now I can't find the dang thing! Could someone please post the codes!!! Thanks!
I think that journaling is a really good idea - thank you. I wonder if I would be capable of leaving my child alone if he/she didn't choose to learn to read until 9. I'm not sure that I would know that that I was doing the right thing. Not to mention that I don't know how I would deal from outside pressure! Would I just have to keep my child away from my MIL?!?! Then again there are kids graduating from public high schools who don't know how to read...
I am reading John Holt's Teach Your Own, and I am very interested in his ideas about unschooling. My son is only one, but I am already trying to figure out how I feel about school/homeschool/unschool for him. While I agree with the idea that kids will naturally learn about topics that interest them, I am having a difficult time accepting that they will choose to learn everything they "need" to know. I would like my son to go to college, and if this is the goal, then...
You guys are amazing! It was the SOS site! Thanks!!!
Okay, I am driving myself nuts. Two days ago I saw some dyed prefolds - and now I can't find them. I can find different ones, but I really want to look at that orginal site. The picture was a stack of different colored prefolds, folded, and outside (maybe on a lawn chair?) The names of the colors were written over the diapers in white text. Does anyone know what site this was? Help!
I am interested in learning to sew my own CDs, with the eventual aim to sell them. I am a little overwhelmed by all the information, and the WAHMs who are already making such beautiful diapers. How much do I need to invest to get basic supplies? How much time did it take you to really "get it"? Is it important to license or become part of a WAHM network? Or better to just ebay? Can you really make money doing this? Are there already too many moms making...
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