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Thanks, danipoppins -- I live in Portland! The MMC LCs were very helpful with diagnosis but could not point me toward anyone in Maine who would do the frenotomy. Who did your son's clip?   Our ped referred us to Dr. Fred Roediger (the son, not the father who is listed on the MELCA site) but he pooh-poohed the idea that Egan was tongue tied after a cursory examination. So we went to Needham, MA yesterday to Boston ENT, where Dr. Rebecca Stone evaluated our son in...
Thank you, Jamie. When I contacted Dr. Kotlow, he said he didn't know anyone in my area, and suggested that we go to Albany to see him. I appreciate that he is well-regarded but that's awfully far for us to travel. I am going to exhaust all of my options closer to home before we make that decision.
After three months of excruciating BF, my DS has been diagnosed by 2 different IBCLCs as having posterior tongue tie. We live in an area where there are no doctors who will treat it. I am hoping some of you out there might know of medical professionals in Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts with experience in dealing with posterior tongue tie. We're willing to travel for treatment if it means  I can keep BF for the long haul.   Your recommendations would be much...
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