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Hi Ladies,   I'm in search of a natural baby/toddler sunscreen that actually does work to block the harmful rays without added toxic chemicals. I did a google search and am overwhelmed! I've read mixed reviews about Aveeno baby products and was also wondering about Neutrogena, California Baby and Seventh Generation products amoung many others! What do you ladies use for your little ones? I'd really appreciate any suggestions/recommendations.   Thanks in advance.
Hi Dr. Sears,   Thank you for replying and for your recommendations. It just appeared today and I noticed that you replied the following day from my post. This has happened in the past. Have you experienced any problems with this site as well? With regard to allergies, how long do you recommend to wait after a flare up?   Thanks again. Claire
Hi Dr. Sears- I was wondering what you recommend regarding vaccinating during allergy season. We live on the east coast and have been experiencing a very early spring and because of this allergies are in full swing. Runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes. Do you have the same advice with regard to allergies as you do when one is sick? To not vaccinate with symptoms or wait for a period of time? I know it's not the same as being sick but I'm wondering if allergies...
Thanks so much for your reply Dr. Sears. I appreciate your time.
Hi Dr. Sears- Thank you so much for having this forum and taking the time to answer questions. I was wondering what your opinion is on the polio vaccine. Do you feel this is one of the more important vaccines and is it one that you recommend? Have you experienced any reactions or problems from this vaccine? What is your opinion about the ingredients in the vaccine? Do you feel that it could cause potential problems in the future? Sorry for all the questions. I felt this...
Maedze- Thank you so much for all of your information. I appreciate it. What is the five point harness that you mentioned? Can this be used instead of the CARES system for smaller children?   Thanks again!
I'm thinking of purchasing the CARES system and would appreciate any input from anyone that's used them. I've read reviews on different sites and read mixed reviews.   Thanks in advance.
Dr. Sears,   Thanks so much for your response. Sorry for the late reply. Your post just appeared yesterday (I saw by the date though that it's been weeks!). I've been having trouble with the site for a period of time and was hoping the problems were fixed.   Thanks again!
Dr. Sears,   I have a bit of an unusual question and was wondering if you've ever come across a similiar situation. A friend had found fleas on their dogs and had them "dipped". They were told after a day that it would be safe for their child to be around the dogs yet I read differently on the internet. How safe would it be for my little one (who is a thumb sucker) to be around the dogs a few days after the treatment or is it best to avoid for a period of time? Is it...
Marnica- Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate your advice and information. With regard to vitamins/supplements, what is best for the immune system? Probiotics, vitamin C & D? Am I missing anything else?
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