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First day in daycare. H didn't eat ANYTHING. For eight hours. Not a bit. He takes a bottle begrudgingly from DH when I've worked on the weekends, but patently refused to take one from the daycare ladies. Apparently they tried different positions and even a sippy cup and nothing would work. (They also noted that he was extremely content all day and also wetting diapers, and only really started to cry right before I arrived to pick him up.) I'm really hoping today goes...
you poor babies! sending so many good/healy vibes your way
Also: is there a facebook group for our DDC?
We are doing really well, but lately a combo of teething pains and the 4-month growth spurt has Herry super tired/cranky all evening and way more wakeful at night. I am le tired. \
Courtney: I have a spare medela double electric, just needs new tubing and flanges. If you want it, it's yours.
  Hello big man. 3 months.
Day, the similarities continue. What kind of probiotics are you using?   I remember being convinced that I wasn't pregnant after months of BFNs, and thinking, well at least I can drink lots of gin and tonics on vacation! Then, surprise surprise, I was. I had to pretend I was on antibiotics to evade any suspicions from my in-laws (when I was turning down those gin and tonics, haha)
having trouble getting a straight answer on this one, but when i'm pumping at work during a break do i have to pump for a prescribed amount of time or until a certain amount is expressed? i have a quick letdown and a strong flow, so i pump crazy amounts super fast (senior superlative for best pumper?) so i'm wondering if i can cheat a little and take shorter breaks.
    Almost 11 weeks. These newborns are not so newborn anymore.
It is so awful to feel so sloppy and unkempt (and unshowered and covered in milk and on and on and on) and just want to maybe feel attractive? like a human adult woman? Someone gave me a Boob brand hoodie to wear and I was so in love and then I looked at their website and thought, hahahah of course the attractive nursing wear is 50 bucks for a tank top.  
New Posts  All Forums: