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  Faint second line...or am I crazy?
I may have spoken too soon: AF didn't show up (she is usually very reliable) so I took a test after work today and...a very faint second line!!   Will test again tomorrow morning with FMU but my heart is pounding out of my chest.
BFN today and a downward trend in temps. Oh well! Gonna kick back and wait for AF and I guess enjoy that I can have a gin and tonic or two this weekend at the beach.        
Here's to a lucky week for all!   I have one test in the closet and I am SERIOUSLY doing my best to wait and take it on Thursday. My temps are higher than ever this LP though! I don't even really know if that means anything!    
4 DPO and dreamed last night of being pregnant and eating tomatoes. Ugh, waiting.
Hello again! Please do move me to 2WW!  
Losses, disappointments and blessings alike: there is so much support here. It's such a marvel.   TTC after an early loss this winter (first pregnancy, amazing accident and now seemingly so much trouble trying to make it happen again!) and approaching the original due date. Can't help but feel very scared that if it doesn't take this month, I might be hit especially hard with some grievin'.   O is approaching in a few days. Cross some fingers for me.
Also want to be moved to Waiting to O! On with the red days of summer: this is why I'm glad I have A/C.   Chart here: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/366551
Monday Check-In Name: Rachel Date: 7/18/2011 Chart: My Ovulation Chart Where are you in your cycle: Waiting to O
Greetings!   Waiting to O after two cycles of TTC. DH's #2, my #1 after a loss in February. Stayin' posi, gettin' serious.    
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