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What do you wear when you're between sizes? I have all of these pre-pregnancy clothes that just do not fit anymore, and I have all of these maternity clothes that are too big/out of season. I'm a little too broke to buy a ton of new clothes so I'm just relying on a single pair of shorts and a handful of nursing tanks and t-shirts. Thank goodness I already do a ridiculous amount of laundry.   I'm feeling a little precious about my body and trying to snap myself out of...
We aim for 8:30 with my four-year-old, but some nights it's more like 9. It's hard when we're all on a slightly later routine in the summer to remember to be good about it.  
saudade: H lost all of his hair in the week after birth and currently has this old-man look with hair just at the base of his neck. It looks like more is growing in though, so I'm waiting to see what his hair color ends up being.   flav: let me know how you like that Polish carrier!   chiro: I had wicked migraines in the first few weeks PP, and I seriously don't know how to treat them without aspirin. did re-hydrating help you at all?   I'm actually feeling...
she is so adorable, chap.  
I'm also hunting for a good baby carrier. We have the ergo and the maya wrap and I love the ergo but it is damn hot/bulky. I feel like the wrap/sling system would be so much better but I can't seem to get comfortable with it. I'm thinking it's because H is so big that carrying him in the "newborn" carries is why it's not working. Fingers crossed for a better fit once he has head control and we can rock a different carry.   Nic, I'm so sorry and I hope you find a...
Those pictures of Ursa are really, really beautiful.
Are you waking up super engorged? That is so mind-blowing. I'm sure he's healthy and just a solid sleeper, but I feel like my boobs are rock-hard after Heron sleeps 6 hours.
hahahah day: my husband came into the room and said, "awww is that heron?" they are totally DDC twins.
Can you gals recommend a book or website that is a good introduction to EC? I'm increasingly curious...  
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