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They are all similarly unburdened by their own existence. But also CUTE BABY CHEEKS.  
adore! that sounds completely terrible. when you get home, i hope you find a way to do some serious relaxing.  
good call on the acidophilus. i'm gonna start that and try to cut out dairy for a little while.
We used an oral antifungal on him and a cream for me, and it cleared up quickly last time. This round seems a bit gnarlier, but so far I appear to be the only one in pain.   How much are your little ones sleeping lately? The last few days H has been down for the count during daylight hours and I kind of miss hanging out with him. He gets a nice long stretch of awake hours in the evening before going down at night, but I spend most of the day waking him up to feed...
Hi Annette! I'm a pittsburgh-lifer and just wanted to extend a big welcome.  
Round two of thrush and my nipples are going to fall off. Oh, the indignities of motherhood are just beginning.
8 weeks and FINALLY, but only once. i seriously give zero shits about sex right now and would perish instantly if i found out i were pregnant again.
Junie's eyes are breathtaking. She's got a very "old soul" quality to her.   Heron is frantically trying to figure out how his thumb goes into his mouth and it is downright comical. I try to help him and then he gets super frustrated and gives up.   This is us on a hike this week. The big man and his big brother:  
We are also having a hell of a time with my husband's son, who seems to have gone from being respectful and sweet to being ornery and just straight up refusing. to. listen. ever. Remembering not to give in to negative attention demands while simultaneously being more tired and less patient than usual is sooo hard sometimes.
Holden and Heron are seriously so alike in looks and temperament. It must be the big boy syndrome. Maybe it takes too much extra energy to fuss when you're that big? Who knows.   Heron sleeps really well at night, but I'm not ready to put him in a crib yet. He'd share a room with my step-son and right now, I'd rather that I be the only member of the household who wakes up with the baby at night. I don't need a sleep-deprived toddler on my hands. Ideally, I'd like to...
New Posts  All Forums: