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  "Hi, I'm seven weeks old and I weigh 18 pounds. No big deal."
LENNON what a face! I love her.
A big baby feels so much sturdier...like it'd be harder for me to hurt him? I am all about a big baby and the excellent mom arms I am developing from hauling him around.  
I made my kid into a gif. I'm not sorry.
EXACT same experience here, daylicious. I'm just in the sixth week and noticed some light spotting today...I mean, I guess it could be a first period?  
LOVE the cherrybomb tattoo with the scar. That's so hard.   I only have one tattoo, and it's a cat in its self-righting reflex (hard to take a picture because it's on my right wrist). I was going through a major "always land on my feet" time and it seemed like a good reminder that I can handle shit. With that said, let's talk about new tattoo ideas! Obviously, my next tattoo is going to be a Heron. DH is thinking of getting a Heron with a Rowan sprig (his son's name,...
ugh we got some thrush over here! I was watching his white tongue for a few days because it didn't really wipe away but also didn't look that bad, but then my boobies started to just ACHE with letdown. giving him the nystatin pretty much tears my heart out (what is wrong with me?) because he's like WTF IS THIS NASTY STUFF. i'm treating myself with the same ointment but I'm wondering if I should ditch the cloth breast pads for the time being?
the smiles are killlllling me. do we have the cutest babies? yes we do.
  At the one-month checkup, he weighed 15lb 10oz. He is the biggest baby I have ever seen and I love him so so much.
Oh, Canada. I am so jealous.   We initially saved enough that I could stay home for the summer, but now I'm looking at taking on some dogwalking/domestic jobs in order to make some kind of income and get those savings to last. I thought three months would be enough time for me, but now I'm realizing that I'll be in no way prepared to leave this dude at home by then. I guess the upside to not having a career is that there's no career to worry about losing? Hah, I...
New Posts  All Forums: