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Heron has been a side-sleeper since day one, and he occasionally rolls himself onto his stomach in the middle of the night. Nothing I can do to stop him, and my ped said to let him go. He said something like, "We know that sleep positioning reduces the risk of SIDS, but we have no idea why, so don't try to be the sleep police."  
Pre-baby stats: 5'10", 135lb Last pregnancy weight: 186 3wks PP: 150   I cannot say enough good things about the C25K program. It got me into running several years ago when I could barely chase down a bus without getting totally winded. I was never an athlete, and I don't really consider myself one now, but I know that the program (and programs like it) actually get your body acclimated to that kind of aerobic work without burning you out. Once I'm 6wks PP and I...
Not sure if anyone else is a Mad Men fan, but I've been thinking of this line a lot lately:
  3 weeks and giving me a little eyebrow up there.    
Holden and Heron have very similar baby faces and baby acne, so I feel this huge surge of love for your little guy!  
On Friday night, I told my husband that we were going for a hike. We packed my huge pregnant self and his three-year-old and we went to a local park and hiked. I was sweating by the end, but it felt like it kicked my contractions up. When we got home, they were feeling more intense and I thought: I better eat a good dinner and get to bed, this is gearing up.   I woke up at midnight and started paying attention. The contractions were about five minutes apart, but I...
I gave up and started using disposable diapers at night. I am also sleep-walking through our nursing, and I have a much easier time slipping on a new disposable dipe in my hazy, half-awake state.  
Tavian looks so much like you!!   Also loving how beautiful our babies are but also how many goofy faces they make. What a bunch of characters.
  2 week birthday tomorrow!
My nurse told me to "back that thang up" in the shower but not to use soap for the first week because it can dry the area out. I had stitches and a 2nd degree tear, and I'm waiting to use soap until I get a clearance from the midwife but really...I just want to take a shower. A real one.
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